NexTool alcohol tester in car

A party certainly includes one or the other glass of humid beverages. However, it is important that you know your limit and stick to it. If in doubt, there are alcohol testers that you can use to test your condition, but I still advise you not to ride a bike or drive a car under the influence of alcohol!

Brigii Y120 hand vacuum cleaner use in car

In the car, while waiting for the coffee machine or just to quickly vacuum something away: small, mobile hand vacuum cleaners are practical in everyday life and save a lot of work. The manufacturer Brigii, which sells mainly through Amazon, has just such a handy vacuum cleaner in its range. What can the Y120 do?

Car air mattress

Many of us go on holiday in summer. More and more people sit down in their cars and drive off. Your destination? Uncertain! Just relax and discover something new. But what do you do if no hotel nearby has rooms available at short notice? The car air mattress helps you to survive this night as comfortably as possible.

Xiaomi Xiao Yi 1080p Car Dashcam

Investigating a car accident can be a tricky thing. Dashcams can be very helpful in this situations and in some countries they are already an integral part of the car’s interior. This Xiaomi Xiao Yi Dashcam has a resolution of 1080p and is equipped with a driver assistance system.