Computer & Entertainment

Here, you’ll find every gadget that comes with a USB port ;) No matter if you’re looking for gaming equipment, mobile power banks, projectors, speakers or other nifty computer & entertainment gadgets – China may just underbid whatever price you might have to pay elsewhere.

Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector Projection Diagonally

Xiaomi makes on the one hand mini speakers for ten and cheap smartphones for 150 euros. But also products like this Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector, for the price of which you could buy 13 Redmi Note 4. Pretty steep. But does it give you the perfect home cinema experience?

Xiaomi 100W Car Charger

The fact that Xiaomi plays a pioneering role in the field of charging technology was recently demonstrated once again with the introduction of 80W wireless charging. The Xiaomi 100W car USB-C charger, which provides a lot of power in the car, also shows this.

Xiaomi Gaming Monitor

In addition to smartphones, televisions and notebooks, monitors have also been on Xiaomi’s agenda for some time now. After the released 34″ Curved Gaming Monitor, we can expect a particularly affordable gaming monitor with 240 Hz refresh rate soon!