DJI Robomaster S1 Programmable Robot

DJI, world market leader in the field of civilian drones, has introduced a programmable learning robot. The name: Robomaster S1. It also has a cannon that can really shoot, and with which it can duel with other models. And of course he can also drive on his own using AI technology. A paradise for robot fans?

Huawei ANC Earphones 3

You want to switch from old headphones to ANC in-ears. But you still want to “oldschool” plug your headphones into your mobile phone? The Huawei ANC Earphones 3 can be the solution when it comes to sound and function. Check out our review to see if the Huawei ANC In-Ear meets these requirements.

Dibea-D008-Pro-vacuum cleaner

The Dibea brand has often been able to score with us in the field of battery-powered vacuum cleaners under $100. Now the Chinese manufacturer seems to dare to take the step towards higher-priced and more powerful models. The now released Dibea D008 Pro with its high suction power can be considered a frontal attack on the Roidmi F8 and Jimmy JY51. We have all information for you.