3 in 1 Charing Cable Red Black

If you regularly need to charge devices with different connections, this 3-in-1 charging cable is well prepared for it. In addition, you have the option to charge two devices at the same time and hang it on your keychain. Is it therefore also well suited for on the go?

DJI Robomaster S1 Programmable Robot

DJI, world market leader in the field of civilian drones, has introduced a programmable learning robot. The name: Robomaster S1. It also has a cannon that can really shoot, and with which it can duel with other models. And of course he can also drive on his own using AI technology. A paradise for robot fans?

Huawei ANC Earphones 3

You want to switch from old headphones to ANC in-ears. But you still want to “oldschool” plug your headphones into your mobile phone? The Huawei ANC Earphones 3 can be the solution when it comes to sound and function. Check out our review to see if the Huawei ANC In-Ear meets these requirements.

Dibea-D008-Pro-vacuum cleaner

The Dibea brand has often been able to score with us in the field of battery-powered vacuum cleaners under $100. Now the Chinese manufacturer seems to dare to take the step towards higher-priced and more powerful models. The now released Dibea D008 Pro with its high suction power can be considered a frontal attack on the Roidmi F8 and Jimmy JY51. We have all information for you.