We get it: Finding the right pair of headphones can be tedious, especially when you want it all: The best quality, great sound, and all the features that headphones can possibly have. Oh, and please: Everything as cheap as possible. Well, no problem!

Tronsmart Sono Gaming Headset

There are two factions in the search for gaming headsets. Either you don’t even look around for anything under $100, or the budget range is sufficient. Exactly in this range Tronsmart wants to establish itself and delivers this with the Tronsmart Sono Gaming Headset. What can you expect for the price?

Earfun Free wireless In-Ear

The Earfun Free are the first wireless in-ear headphones from the still relatively unknown Chinese manufacturer. In the past, Earfun has been able to convince with very good Bluetooth loudspeakers, such as the Earfun Go or Earfun UBOOM. Is Earfun building on the success of the loudspeakers with the first headphones? All information in the review!

Aukey Key Series EP-B80 Headphones

With the new Aukey Key Series and the corresponding models Aukey EP-B80 and EP-B60, the Chinese manufacturer has created a new sub-brand. Away from the middle class, the new sub-brand should stand for high-quality audio products and with the Aukey EP-B80 Bluetooth Hybrid-In-Ear, the manufacturer is sending a clear signal.