Whether you like cooking or not, you spend a lot of your life in the kitchen. For many, the kitchen is a second living room, so why not decorate the kitchen with cool gadgets? Devices such as avocado slicers or a foldable wine glass are not only fun, they are also practical. Who doesn’t like to sit at the breakfast table in the morning with a coffee cup in Gameboy design or cut their pizza with scissors? We always pay attention to the best prices from China and test the coolest gadgets.

Mini collapsible silicone funnel colors

You should find a funnel in every kitchen, because it is very practical for filling bottles with liquids. But most of the time the bulky parts take up some space in the cupboard. If you don’t have much space in the kitchen, take a look at the silicone funnel.

stormtrooper whiskey glass

Anyone knows that the accuracy of the Stromtrooper from the Star Wars films is not exactly the most accurate. Whether that’s because the Troopers may have drunk a little too much target water or not enough, no one knows. But if you’d like to have a sip, you’d better do it with these stylish whiskey glasses!

Teapot with filter

From the Xiaomi universe, there are now several interesting concepts for tea or coffee mugs. Either with OLED display from Kiss Kiss Fish or the Fiu Grace cup, which cannot be knocked over. This teapot with filter should make drinking tea as easy as drinking water.