Whether you like cooking or not, you spend a lot of your life in the kitchen. For many, the kitchen is a second living room, so why not decorate the kitchen with cool gadgets? Devices such as avocado slicers or a foldable wine glass are not only fun, they are also practical. Who doesn’t like to sit at the breakfast table in the morning with a coffee cup in Gameboy design or cut their pizza with scissors? We always pay attention to the best prices from China and test the coolest gadgets.

Portable espresso machine vs. strainer

The times when people went camping to face the merciless face of the wilderness are long gone. With throwing tents, self-inflating sleeping mats and LED lighting, camping is closer to a wellness experience than many hotels. Of course you don’t want to do without your freshly brewed espresso in the morning. Perfect opportunity for the portable espresso machine.

Sumo-Wrestler-egg cup

When I sent the links to these gadgets around in the editorial office, nobody could shy away from a grin. So if you want to have a smile on your lips during breakfast in the morning, you should take a closer look at these different crazy eggcups.


Camera Lens coffee mug

This might be just the perfect present you were looking for. For photography lovers and even professionals in that area, this travel mug is pretty stylish and makes it’s own statement. If you needed any more reasons to drink coffee, there you have it. This traveler mug will keep your favorite drink warm and nice, so take it anywhere you’d like with you.