The Chinese company is the inventor of the “COWAROBOT R1”, the first suitcase that automatically follows its owner. So you don’t have to pull the suitcase behind you anymore. The tech giant Xiaomi probably became aware of this and is now launching a travel case on the market that is capable of this – and even more.

Foldable toy mat

While the kids are looking forward to every new toy for their birthday, as their collection of lego bricks, playmobils, wooden instruments and probably also fidget spinners continues to grow, it happens to a parent to regularly leave his footprint on one of the toys. We all know how painful this could be. With the foldable toy mat, this problem could be soon the past.

Air Chair

While the air couch (also Laysack) has become an absolute classic among the summer gadgets, there are other variations of the gadget that were not so popular. This time, however, we came across an edition of the Laysack, which we now simply call the Air Chair, which maximizes this space saving advantage.