Making one’s home “smart” by networking all technical devices is not just a trend, but the future of living. Whether vacuum robots, Alexa controls or surveillance cameras with App controls: the devices are enjoying great popularity and offer more and more room for manoeuvre within your own four walls. Nowadays, living with technical finesse no longer means having to spend a lot of money. In our reviews and news articles about living, we always pay attention to a good price-performance ratio. When an article is published, we always determine the best price. We have all major manufacturers in our program and always keep you up to date.

Brigii Y120 hand vacuum cleaner use in car

In the car, while waiting for the coffee machine or just to quickly vacuum something away: small, mobile hand vacuum cleaners are practical in everyday life and save a lot of work. The manufacturer Brigii, which sells mainly through Amazon, has just such a handy vacuum cleaner in its range. What can the Y120 do?

Honor 3 Wi-Fi 6 Router

Wi-Fi 6 routers have not yet arrived on the mass market, so it’s all the better that Honor is launching its own model for little money: the Honor 3 Wi-Fi 6 Router. What does a router with the new Wi-Fi 6 standard offer at this price?