Making one’s home “smart” by networking all technical devices is not just a trend, but the future of living. Whether vacuum robots, Alexa controls or surveillance cameras with App controls: the devices are enjoying great popularity and offer more and more room for manoeuvre within your own four walls. Nowadays, living with technical finesse no longer means having to spend a lot of money. In our reviews and news articles about living, we always pay attention to a good price-performance ratio. When an article is published, we always determine the best price. We have all major manufacturers in our program and always keep you up to date.

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What's going on in our office all day? Exciting insights and previews to the latest gadgets on Instagram! 🤳
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Deerma HX20 Shoe Dryer pair of shoes

The Derma HX20 shoe dryer can not only dry shoes! At the same time it also fights bad odours and bacteria thanks to its built-in ceramic ozone generator. With its U-shaped outlets and extendable hose, it dries up to two pairs of shoes efficiently at the same time. Find out what else the Deerma HX20 can do here!

Bebird M9 Pro App

“Earwax”, when I hear that word already, the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Wrongly so, actually, because the cerumen ensures cleanliness in the auditory canal. Reason enough for the Chinese to produce a smart gadget with the Bebird M9 Pro that can gently remove earwax and “analyze” it.

Xiaomi Mijia 1C Battery Vacuum Cleaner Handling

Once upon a time there was a Chinese company called Xiaomi, which brought very powerful battery-powered vacuum cleaners with a chic design and top workmanship onto the market through several subsidiaries and third-party suppliers. Then they decided to handle it like with smartphones: Many model versions, short product cycles and confusing model names. And so they developed the Xiaomi Mijia 1C.

Roborock S6 vacuum robot

Several million models of the first two generations of Xiaomi vacuum robots were sold in China alone. The Chinese tech giant has also long since arrived at ECOVACS and ILIFE in the household robot sector – and is now continuing to press ahead. The predecessor model, the S50, has been the unyielding leader in our ranking since 2017. Is that over with the new Roborock S6? Who occupies the vacuum robot throne? We have tested the new flagship model extensively.