Making one’s home “smart” by networking all technical devices is not just a trend, but the future of living. Whether vacuum robots, Alexa controls or surveillance cameras with App controls: the devices are enjoying great popularity and offer more and more room for manoeuvre within your own four walls. Nowadays, living with technical finesse no longer means having to spend a lot of money. In our reviews and news articles about living, we always pay attention to a good price-performance ratio. When an article is published, we always determine the best price. We have all major manufacturers in our program and always keep you up to date.

Roborock S6 vacuum robot

Several million models of the first two generations of Xiaomi vacuum robots were sold in China alone. The Chinese tech giant has also long since arrived at ECOVACS and ILIFE in the household robot sector – and is now continuing to press ahead. The predecessor model, the S50, has been the unyielding leader in our ranking since 2017. Is that over with the new Roborock S6? Who occupies the vacuum robot throne? We have tested the new flagship model extensively.

Yeelight Lightstrip 2

Yeelight products are no longer a blank page. For many of you, and also for me, they are a kind of introduction to the topic “Smart Home”. Also the Yeelight LED Strip is popular, but now there is a second version, the Yeelight LED Strip 2. This offers a decisive advantage: you can extend it!

Yeelight Meteorite Pendant Pink

The name Yeelight should be a household name by now. A further member of the lighting family is the Yeelight Meteorite pendant. This noble lamp is meant for the lighting of the dining table. It has, like the other Yeelights, smart functions, which should embellish your dinnertime.