Photography equipment, action cams, camera accessories & spy- and keycams that make you look like James Bond. Or, more specific: In this category, you’ll find gadgets that center around photography and filming – the smaller and more high-res, the better!

ZHIYUN Smooth X Gimbal

After ZHIYUN has made a name for himself in the YouTube scene with his gimbals, a new model is now following. The ZHIYUN Smooth X Gimbal is aimed at beginners in the field with a low introductory price. Can the company build on old successes?

EKEN Alfawise V50 Pro

Alfawise works with a wide range of products; at CG we only know EKEN from budget action cams. From a kind of collaboration the EKEN Alfawise V50 Pro emerged, which is positioned more in the middle class. Do combined forces also result in a better product?

FeiyuTech G6 Plus DSLR Gimbal

We’ve already tested FeiyuTech’s Gimbals, among other things we’re currently still using the Vimble 2 for some recordings with our smartphone. However, the FeiyuTech G6 Plus plays in a another league, because it can also carry SLR cameras weighing up to 800g.