Photography equipment, action cams, camera accessories & spy- and keycams that make you look like James Bond. Or, more specific: In this category, you’ll find gadgets that center around photography and filming – the smaller and more high-res, the better!

EKEN Alfawise V50 Pro

Alfawise works with a wide range of products; at CG we only know EKEN from budget action cams. From a kind of collaboration the EKEN Alfawise V50 Pro emerged, which is positioned more in the middle class. Do combined forces also result in a better product?

FeiyuTech G6 Plus DSLR Gimbal

We’ve already tested FeiyuTech’s Gimbals, among other things we’re currently still using the Vimble 2 for some recordings with our smartphone. However, the FeiyuTech G6 Plus plays in a another league, because it can also carry SLR cameras weighing up to 800g.

Mini Digital Camera X6

Cameras used to be much larger, but fortunately they now fit in one hand and even in a smartphone. If even handy action cams are still too big for you, you can go one step further with the X6 and get yourself a really small camera.

SJCAM SJ8 Pro Action Cam

SJCAM didn’t attract much attention with the last action cam model, the SJ7 Star, and therefore went down a bit last year. To achieve this, its competitor YI Technology took the spotlight with the YI 4K+. This should finally change with the SJCAM SJ8 Pro and other models of the series.

G2 HD glasses with camera

Glasses with a video function have in some cases already been banned, since Google Glass there is discussion about where glasses can be worn and where not. Not all of these glasses with recording function are the same as a spy cam – it always depends on the use of the owner. The G2 HD glasses are designed to record 1080p video and 5MP photos. Just what for voyeurs or an exciting gadget?

SJCAM A10 Bodycam

The camera manufacturer SJCAM has been a familiar name to us for several years, and from time to time models of the brand appear as GoPro or YI competitors. Apparently they are also concerned about our safety: With the SJCAM A10 Bodycam there is now a camera on the market that we only know from police officers or others.