Photography equipment, action cams, camera accessories & spy- and keycams that make you look like James Bond. Or, more specific: In this category, you’ll find gadgets that center around photography and filming – the smaller and more high-res, the better!

SJCAM SJ8 Pro Action Cam

SJCAM didn’t attract much attention with the last action cam model, the SJ7 Star, and therefore went down a bit last year. To achieve this, its competitor YI Technology took the spotlight with the YI 4K+. This should finally change with the SJCAM SJ8 Pro and other models of the series.

G2 HD glasses with camera

Glasses with a video function have in some cases already been banned, since Google Glass there is discussion about where glasses can be worn and where not. Not all of these glasses with recording function are the same as a spy cam – it always depends on the use of the owner. The G2 HD glasses are designed to record 1080p video and 5MP photos. Just what for voyeurs or an exciting gadget?

Three different YI action cams beside the YI Action Gimbal

Annoying jerks in the otherwise perfect videos can ruin the overall impression. So that the camera stays calm when taking pictures from the hand, there are so-called gimbals. YI Technology also has its own model on the market, the YI Action Gimbal, which is specially tailored to the in-house YI Action Cams.

MGCOOL Explorer 3 Action Cam from the side

There are many action cams on the market now and it is hard to keep up with the newest developments. As a result, you can get a decent action cam for about $40 now, which is at least able to record 1080p with a 30 fps frame rate. The Yi 4K+ is still the best action cam from China. But that does not mean that new models that are a lot cheaper aren’t interesting, too. The MGCOOL Explorer 3 offers a native 4K resolution and a touchscreen and will cost you about $100.

Hawkeye Firefly 6S 4K Action Cam

The market for Chinese action cams has been fierce for some time, be it the SJCAMs, the Yi from Xiaomi or the Mobius for example. Today we want to introduce you to another action cam from the Far East: The Hawkeye Firefly 6S 4K Action Cam. The interesting thing about this camera is, among other things, that it can record in 4K and comes with an image stabilizer.

MGCOOL Explorer Pro 4K Action Cam

Certainly, the MGCOOL explorer pro 4K action cam is not the first action cam to offer 4K in the low-price segment but the basic data and the price are already tempting. It is very similar to its older brother, the MGCOOL Explorer 1S 4K. But a closer look is worthwhile with these kind of product because when it comes to the resolution or other features not everything is completely right. Also the Explorer Pro is no exception.