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Silicone dishwashing gloves right hand

There are many reasons to put off doing the dishes until they pile up in high towers in the kitchen. Not only is time a deciding factor, but shriveled hands and the tedious removal of dried food residue can be quite annoying. The Dishwashing Gloves start right there and are designed to make your tedious housework easier.

Switchbot Bot Scope of delivery

Smart Home has, in addition to energy savings, the advantage that everything can be controlled by cell phone or voice assistant like Alexa & Co. Now SwitchBot offers the SwitchBot Bot, which can be mounted on light switches coffee makers, etc. and can be controlled by cell phone.

Xiaomi Mi Nightlight 2 Use above

The first generation Xiaomi Mijia Nightlight is perhaps one of the more unexciting, but definitely one of the most useful Xiaomi gadgets. At least some of our editors have put it on a wall at home. Meanwhile there is already the second generation. With the Xiaomi Mijia Nightlight 2, you can be a bit more flexible.

NOVOO Power Station

With the 20,000 mAh powerbank, NOVOO has shown us that a lot of capacity can also be cheap. But if even that much capacity is not enough, you might like the NOVOO Power Station. Thanks to 80,000 mAh capacity, a power outlet and enough ports, you could even set up a portable (home) office with it.