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Jimmy VW032-1 Window wiper USB input

Sure is: Few people clean their windows too often. On the one hand because it is not so often necessary, on the other hand because you simply forget it. Or you simply don’t feel like cleaning the windows. With the Jimmy VW032-1 this should become much easier. We have tested whether there is something to it.

360 S7 vacuum robot design

360 Mobiles launched the 360 S7 on the market, at that time the robot was the top models software side even for several months in advance. The S7 also has the strong features of the newly announced Xiaomi models, but why should you choose this model?

Xiaomi Mi 9 display from above

After announcing at the beginning of the year that the “Redmi” brand had been built up independently and that the first foldable Xiaomi device had been leased, the industry is now being shown where to go. The Xiaomi Mi 9 proves that an extremely good top smartphone doesn’t have to cost as much as Samsung and Apple would like it to.