Smartphone Accessories

Sure, smartphones are great and now firmly integrated into our everyday lives. But the full potential only unfolds with the right smartphone accessories. That’s why we report on Smartwatches & Fitness Trackers, which act as pedometers and heart rate monitors and also display notifications. Since smartphone batteries can quickly give up, Powerbanks are of course also part of our repertoire.

Lenovo HX06H Fitness Tracker

The Chinese tech giant Lenovo is mainly known here for laptops, but is now also a recognized player in the headphone and wearable market. From the range of fitness trackers / smartwatches, Lenovo is more likely to rely on hybrid models, which in our test articles have always had difficulties asserting themselves against the Xiaomi Mi bands. With the Lenovo HX06H, GearBest is launching a new model, which is intended to pick up where it left off with more popular models.

Aukey Qi Charger

The wireless charging trend triggered by iPhone X is now reaching more and more Chinese smartphones and accessories manufacturers. Aukey also wants a piece of the Qi cake and launches the stylish LC-C5 charger on the market. We were able to test it and tell you how it performs in comparison to the other Qi chargers.