Tools & Outdoor Gadgets

Here you will find all gadgets that can be used on the road and outside. The same goes for tools, but also important accessories, 3D printers and of course normal tools such as screwdrivers and work mats. For every everyday object there is a crazy or useful gadget from China. We will find them for you and test them.

UVict disinfection device

At the latest since the Corona pandemic, a new awareness of the transmissibility of diseases has emerged. Anyone who didn’t know the word “germophobe” before will probably have been acting like a germophobe since 2020. On Kickstarter, a project has now caught our eye that is made for germophobes: the UVict.

bicycle backlight heart

This romantic accessory for the bicycle saddle is not only the perfect Valentine’s Day present (sorry, you are too late this year), but also for Mother’s Day or even Christmas. Depending on when it arrives, there is always a suitable occasion for the Heart-shaped bicycle backlight.