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Often you’re sitting on the train or in the car and still have a long drive ahead of you. A good time to do something for work or university. In everyday life not an isolated case! Just for this, the laptop phone holder like this one offers relief. Such a cell phone holder allows you to fix the phone with the help of a magnet on the laptop. For whom is this useful at all?

ColorDark gray, white, black, blue
Product materialPlastic
Dimensions12 x 3 cm
Weight 32 gram

How is the laptop cell phone holder attached?

The cell phone holder is attached to the laptop or monitor with an integrated adhesive strip and is equipped with a MagSafe magnet. Those who have an iPhone 12 or 13 can dock their iPhone to the round magnetic field thanks to the compatible case. Those who do not have a magnetic cell phone have also been thought of. Conveniently, a magnetic sticker from 3M is included with the holder. This can then be attached to the cell phone or cell phone case. Problem solved. Conclusion: A magnetic cover is not necessary. However, if you don’t want to leave any adhesive residue, you can place the magnet on the inside of the case, provided you have one.


The magnetic cell phone holder is made of metal. With dimensions of 12 x 3 cm and a weight of 32 grams, the laptop cell phone holder is an absolute featherweight. The magnet itself is strong enough to hold the phone. Another practical feature is the foldable arm. This can be adjusted 90° to the left or right at will. And when you don’t need the holder anymore after you’ve done your work, it simply folds up completely. It’s invisible and won’t get in the way.

What are the advantages of a smartphone holder?

The manufacturer promises an increase in work efficiency with the magnetic cell phone holder, since you can set up and expand your workspace from different places. Both at home and on the road, you have a more comfortable angle when looking at your phone. Also, the laptop phone holder facilitates multitasking. So you can check Instagram and co. while working quite relaxed and still look fully busy. Nice!


Who is a laptop phone holder worth it for?

I see a cell phone holder for people who are often on public transportation and want to do things on the go. Thanks to the compact and handy design, the smartphone holder is easy to attach. If you don’t need it right now, you can simply fold it up. So it does not interfere further. Personally, I find the holder very practical, especially in the home office or for traveling by train, because it acts as a kind of monitor extension. A cool gadget!

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