Classic! Christmas toilet paper from $1.86

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Around Christmas time, the Chinese manufacturers offer some curiosities that you will definitely not find in the well-assorted holiday assortment of department stores. Anyone who has already indulged in a Christmas toilet cover should now go through it and round off the festive look of the quiet little place with the Christmas toilet paper.

Christmas toilet paper

Four motifs to choose from, hohoho!

First you are spoilt for choice, there are four beautiful holiday motifs to choose from. In addition to the classics with small Santa Clauses and abstractly drawn Christmas trees, there is also the beautifully decorated lettering “Merry Christmas”.

Christmas toilet paper motifs

A real eye-catcher, with which you can also give your guests a nice Christmas greeting on their way on the quiet little place. They are surely completely off their rocker! The last motive also shows Santa Claus, um… during the lunch break? One does not know it ?

Christmas toilet paper Santa Claus

(Sand) paper?

With two layers the quality of the paper is a bit thin, but hopefully tear resistant. On the other hand, it is printed on both sides at least, so the loo paper folders among us also enjoy the beautiful motifs! How many sheets a roll has is not stated, but with the dimensions of 150 x 100 x 80 mm it is clear that it is about an ordinary roll. In contrast to the Xiaomi Wuro toilet paper it is of course “real” paper and not bamboo fibre.

Extended usage possibilities?

As already written down in the product description, the other possible uses are almost infinite! “This beautiful roll paper with Santa patterns can not only decorate the houses, but also can be a good choice of Christmas gifts for friends and family.” Decorate the house or wrap it up? Or just use it if the wrapping paper runs out prematurely? And who doesn’t know a friend who has always wanted a roll of Christmas toilet paper for Christmas? ?

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  • Profile picture from Elvis
    # 02.12.18 um 14:26


    It's great to have and give gifts for the New year

  • Profile picture from Mohamed Maley Mansaray
    # 03.02.19 um 23:26

    Mohamed Maley Mansaray

    Yeah sure it's really nice 2 give gifts

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