Classic paintings in comic look as a clamp building block set for $15.78/£13.20/21,33€

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What creative things you can’t make out of sticky bricks. For example, classics of art history like the Mona Lisa or the girl with the pearl earring in, uh, “fancy” comic look with interchangeable facial expressions.

Funny photos

A somewhat special set, that’s for sure. The almost silly style of the figures does not please everyone, but others like it all the more. The Mona Lisa with almost drunken look with half-open eyes or heart eyes – definitely something different.

There are a total of four different motifs to choose from here. One is the aforementioned Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, perhaps the most famous painting in the world. The other motifs are The Girl with the Pearl Earring and Maid with Milk Jug by Jan Vermeer and a self-portrait by Vincent van Gogh.

All pictures must be assembled from bricks according to instructions. Large plates serve as the base in each case, on which bricks are then placed in one or two layers to form a picture. For the eyes and the mouth, there are apparently several options for all motifs. Especially for the eyes, it’s not quite clear if they are printed stones or just different stickers.

But this way the image can be customized a bit. Maybe you want to let van Gogh, who was plagued by misfortune all his life, smile at least on this picture. Some of the variants already border a bit on madness, but that’s what makes the charm of this style.

Beautiful on the shelf

The pictures are ready built 22.5 x 11.9 cm, so have more the size of a photo frame than the original images. So you can put them but ideal on the shelf or hang on the wall.

As so often, such sets are also always nice gift ideas that you can give away in addition to an activity, for example. The Mona Lisa as an addition to a travel voucher for a trip to Paris including a visit to the Louvre? Why not. But maybe you have better ideas, to whom and for what occasion you can give these pictures most likely.

By the way, we found smaller versions of the pictures with even more motifs here.

For more sets made of clamp bricks, as always, feel free to check out our corresponding themed world. These are also not the first clamp brick versions of works of art, we have also looked at the famous wave in front of Kanagawa as a set. And if you’re more into architecture, you’ll also find world-famous buildings like Buckingham Palace as an impressive model.

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