Cleanfly hand vacuum cleaner with 5000 pa suction power for $47.99

Quickly want to vacuum something away in the car – probably every driver knows that. This vacuum cleaner is probably not suitable for large-scale cleaning – but it is guaranteed to make the car appear cleaner. And as so often, Cleanfly is a product of a subsidiary of the tech giant Xiaomi.

Cleanfly Hand Vacuum Cleaner Living

Optimal for the car?

After a loading time of 1.5 hours, the 29.8 x 7.0 cm small hand vacuum cleaner is ready for a working time of 13 minutes. These are average values for a hand vacuum cleaner of this price class. The same applies to the suction power of 5000 pa: solid, but not breathtaking. However, the suction power is sufficient for most applications and the majority of dirt that can be imagined in a car.

Cleanfly Hand Vacuum Cleaner Car
Various attachments can be used in the car.

The hand vacuum cleaner looks great, the workmanship on the product pictures looks much better than many other models under $50. Although manufactured by a third party, the high Xiaomi standard could also be given here. With a weight of 560 g, handling should not be difficult for anyone. A small drawback could be the maximum filling quantity of 0.1 l, but with a mini vacuum cleaner for the car you don’t want to carry around a huge block that you would definitely have with a larger dust chamber. The obligatory HEPA filter is integrated.

Cleanfly Hand Vacuum Cleaner Design
Not everyone has a black interior, but even so the vacuum cleaner does well.

The Cleanfly reaches 3,200 revolutions per minute. By way of comparison: The Roidmi F8 has a capacity of 100,000. There is a lot of air in between, but the F8 is also a complete battery-powered vacuum cleaner. An appropriate car adapter for charging the Cleanfly vacuum cleaner is included. Since you move the car one way or the other, it is practical to be able to charge the 2200 mAh battery of the vacuum cleaner while driving.

Assessment: Cleanfly vs. other models

With the Cleanfly hand vacuum cleaner you don’t ask yourself if you really need such a device as a driver (you do), but why you should use the Cleanfly. Nowadays almost every battery-powered vacuum cleaner comes with an integrated hand vacuum cleaner. Why not use the Roidmi F8, Jimmy JV51 or the Dibea models? First and foremost the dimensions and the lack of possibility to recharge the battery in the car. A hand vacuum cleaner of a battery-powered vacuum cleaner takes up a little more space in the car. Otherwise, there’s not much to be said for using the Cleanfly, even if the price is significantly better than that of a complete vacuum cleaner – but not as that of other hand vacuum cleaners.

You can hope for the Cleanfly’s usual Xiaomi workmanship in combination with a really attractive design, which has earned it a place in the car. Of course everybody has to know for himself if this is worth the price. If you are looking for a “permanently installable” option for your car, you won’t find many more stylish models.

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