ClearGrass CGD1: Bluetooth alarm clock with app support for $12.34

Since the smartphone has become an indispensable part of our lives, reports of possible disadvantages of permanent use have increased. Many experts recommend banning the smartphone completely from the bedroom, the bright light of the display disturbing the night’s rest. However, since many use the mobile phone as an alarm clock, one could revert to the old wireless alarm clock. Or the ClearGrass CGD1, which not only wakes you up, but can also be integrated into the Xiaomi Smart Home.

ClearGlass CGD1 Alarm Clock at AliExpress for $12.34

ClearGlass CGD1 Alarm Clock at Banggood $13.99

Minimalist design & smart home features

Once again we have one of the infamous Xiaomi partner companies, sold through Youpin and often associated with Xiaomi by many shops. In fact, the minimalist design language of the ClearGrass CGD1 alarm clock also supports this assumption. It’s almost surprising not to find a stamped Mi logo here. The alarm clock measures 80.3 x 41 x 83 mm and is based on a square 2.4″ display. The alarm clock is available in blue, green and white.

Of course the alarm clock functions as an alarm clock, no question. As soon as you synchronise your mobile phone with the alarm clock via Bluetooth, the time is updated automatically. You can set a total of 16 different alarm times, a snooze function is also on board. The alarm clock of ClearGrass is equipped with eight different alarm sounds. If you look at the alarm clock, you will notice that it is equipped without buttons. The alarm clock can function as a button in its entirety, so that you have to press on the back for example to activate the night light.

The special feature of the alarm clock is its integration into the Xiaomi ecosystem. The alarm clock contains a Swiss Sensirion temperature & humidity sensor with an accuracy of plus-minus 0.2°C. So you can use the alarm clock instead of a Xiaomi temperature sensor and link it to your heating system, for example. If the measured temperature falls below 18°C, the heating will be switched on automatically. This data is also shown on the display. The alarm clock is powered by 2 AA batteries, which are not included.


To speak of a smart alarm clock here would probably be a bit too pompous. But the integrated temperature sensor and the modern minimalistic design are cool features and the price isn’t set too high in our opinion.

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