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realme Pad Mini Design

As smartphones became bigger and bigger, the need for tablets decreased. In recent years, only the iPad has proven that tablets are still relevant, now more relevant than ever. Realme has also recognized this and released the realme Pad at the beginning of the year. Like Apple, only a smaller version follows: the realme Pad Mini. But for whom?

Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro Tablet display 13 inch

Order Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro “The Lenovo XiaoXin Pad Pro has become a secret import tip thanks to Global ROM despite the Chinese version. The Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro also looks like that. After all, it is the Lenovo Yoga Tab 13, but from China. However, there is a more interesting feature besides Global ROM: The Lenovo Yoga Pad Pro stands on its own two feet.

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Entertainment electronics is an umbrella term for a huge number of different products. As the name suggests, the technology should be fun above all, even though a lot of it can be used both privately and professionally. The best example of this is probably laptops and tablets, which have their place at home on the sofa as well as on a business trip. 

We'll help you find just the right laptop or tablet and answer all your questions. When will the new Xiaomi tablet be released? Which notebook is particularly suitable for gaming? Where can I find the cheapest laptop?

You'll also find TVs and projectors in this section. Do you want to set up your own home theater and are looking for a cool short-throw projector? Or is your old TV no longer up to date and you need a bigger Smart TV? Then you've come to the right place. 

Or are you a gamer and looking for a gaming keyboard, mouse and headset? We find the cheapest alternatives. We also test controllers and accessories for the Nintendo Switch and other consoles, whether Playstation or Xbox.