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    Just a little sidenote – please read beforehand:

    Please know that we will probably not answer specific questions about gadgets we’ve already reviewed when asked via this form. The same goes for E-Mails. Why? That’s what the comment section is for! That’s exactly the place where we – but especially the community(!) – are getting involved to help you even faster! It’s a win-win situation: You’ll get the help you want by accumulated know-how and, in return, may help others that may have the exact same question!

    Furthermore, we’re not a Shop. We don’t sell anything. Really. Okay – maybe, someday, a miniature elephant (© by Kristian). Wouldn’t that be a dream come true? Just imagine the cute little “Pawoooo”… Okay, let’s get back to business, shall we? We’re not offering any shipping method, are not responsible for any supply shortage or the smog in Shenzhen, which was responsible for the production-stop – and so on.

    But what we’re happy to do is help you to get in touch with retailers and represent your – and our – interests as a strong community.