Cool pillow in hot nights – the Chillow for $2.92

Every year the same thing. Everyone is looking forward to the summer for months, to realise in extremely hot and sleepless nights that hotter weather is not always better. In addition to the classic fans, we are always searching for gadgets which help in very hot days (and of course nights). This one is such a gadget, very creatively named, Chillow. A pillow, or much more a cushion pad or pad that heats up significantly slower than a normal pillow.

Chillow Cooling Pillow

How does the approx. 21 x 12 in summer gadget work? The gadget is filled with a certain type of foam (memory foam), which is soaked in water. Due to the fact that the moist mass is much slower heating up than air or a dry pillow, the Chillow stays much cooler than usual. The Chillow pillow is of course not as comfortable as a normal pillow, so it is not intended to lay on in direct contact. Instead, you can put it either in the pillowcase or simply under the pillow. The gadget is of course waterproof.

Chillow Cooling Pillow Sleeping Woman


There is not much to consider for this gadget but be careful not to fill more water than the foam can absorb. In addition, you have to let the remaining air out of the Chillow before closing the shutter. The best way to do this is just as you let the air out of pretty much everything: slowly roll towards the shutter. The fact that these kinds of pillows works has often been proven with thermal cameras. In addition, the pillow is supposed to be pleasantly cool, especially for the time you need to fall asleep. So if you have frequent problems with high heat in your bed, you can not go wrong for the current price.

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    As a sort of big guy myself. probably the worst thing I have to suffer web sleeping is waking up with sweaty neck and chest and constantly having to flip pillows

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