The coolest coffee table in the world with dozens of functions in crowdfunding

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

On Kickstarter you will always find a lot of crazy, useful and above all innovative things. Equipping a table with countless drawers and functions does not seem to be earth-shattering at first. But since we then discussed possible applications for ten minutes in the editorial office, we didn’t want to deprive you of the table that is called the “coolest coffee table in the world“. Is it worth its money?

coolest table Table Design

  • Coffee table with dozens of drawers and functions
    • at Kickstarter for $549 (excl. shipping)
    • expected shipment January 2021
    • Price at official market release ~$900

The coolest table in the world?

Of course we have a space on top where you can put coffee, laptop etc. The table is not necessarily exciting because of its dozens of drawers, after all, there are many tables with enough storage space. The table is interesting because of its “pop-up function“, i.e. the possibility of opening a small “table within a table”, countless drawers, two built-in refrigerators, RGB lights, built-in Power Station and, and, and. It really can do a lot, as the list below shows.

coolest coffee table in the world Optics
This is supposed to be the coolest table in the world?
Aaaah, so it becomes a cool table!

The individual drawers are listed together with their functions and features:

  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Device Control Station with volume control, one AUX and two USB ports
coolest table table USB inputs work laptop
Many connection possibilities.
  • Power Station with several USB inputs for charging the batteries of several end devices
  • Pop-up table: liftable mini-table for snacks etc.
  • two small refrigerators with space for one bottle or two cans each
coolest table table fridge bottles
Two refrigerators, each with space for one bottle or two cans
  • two cup holders left and right
  • Storage space in the table with room for blankets or similar
  • RGB lights above the table legs in several colors (controllable via app)
coolest table lights LEDs App
The RGB lights can be controlled via app. You don’t need to, but it’s cool.

You can find a summary of this list here in the video:

Evaluation: Is it the coolest table in the world?

Honestly, we can’t answer the question from the headline, after all we are no experts in this field. But what we can say: Visually, the table looks just like a normal table that you put in front of your sofa. I honestly have a similar model at home. The table is cool in any case, but also not cheap. Yes, there are a lot of things in the furniture sector that people spend a lot more money on and that have a lot less to offer in terms of functionality. But $549 is quite a lot, even if the price is much higher after crowdfunding.

Of course such a piece of furniture is nice to have and not elementary necessary within the four walls. It has a high gadget factor, which you have to want to have. With a little creativity and motivation, all of the functions can be implemented on a standard table and, if in doubt, even be installed by yourself. Mini fridge next to the table, add LED lights, cup holders on the table etc. But you can also buy everything in one.

But if a table with many functions, a lot of storage space and connection possibilities, then it may already be the “coolest table in the world“. Would you buy something like that or do you say that is complete nonsense?

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    # 10.10.20 um 01:40


    What's not shown in any of the pictures is the extension cord you would have to run across your living room floor to the table to plug it in.

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