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The days are getting warmer. So warm that it is already hard for us humans to bear and we sweat a lot. But how do we help our pets, because they can’t sweat like we do? The cooling mat for pets helps to make the day more bearable for your pet.

Cooling mat for pets

It is used to cool pets in the warm summer months, since :

  • Dogs only have sweat glands under their paws. In very warm weather dogs pant extensively so that their body does not overheat.
  • Cats only have sweat glands between the ball of their toes and sole, on the lips, the chin angle and also in the teat area. Also they pant with very warm weather.

The cooling mat is available in several sizes and colours. The cover of the mat is made of nylon. Inside there is a sponge filled with gel. Sponge and gel cool the pet down. The gel is safe for both humans and pets if the mat breaks. The manufacturer promises that the mat is tearproof. So cats and dogs can lie on the mat as they like.

Cooling mat for pets dog

The mat begins to cool as soon as the pet is placed on the mat. This allows the pet to enjoy a cool day.

Cooling mat for pet cooling diagram
In the diagram is a comparison to general cooling over an hour.

In order to endure the weather and not to shrink, we do everything in our power. So why not do something good for our pets? The cooling mat for pets is therefore a good idea. We can’t (yet) say whether it works, but we would have to test the mat. But the consideration and the approach are understandable.

If you do not want to only cool your pets in the summer, but also yourself, the Chillow might be something for you 🙂

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