Craphy Ring Light for $107.40 | £63: Photo studio for your home

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Want to optimize your photos or videos? Don’t want to spend a lot of money because your wallet is empty? With the Craphy ring light this is no longer a problem. In the review you’ll find out whether it’s worth buying.

Craphy ring light switched on

Technical data

Light sourceSMD LED beads (432 LEDs)
Power48 Watt
Colour temperature3200 to 5600 K
Brightnessadjustable in 10 steps
ApplicationDSLR, Smartphone
MaterialPlastic (ABS), aluminium alloy

Processing of the ring light

The Craphy ring light is made of plastic and aluminium alloy. The carrying bag makes it easy to store and transport the ring light with the 432 SMD LED beads. As far as the workmanship is concerned, the ring light feels very pleasant. There are no sharp edges or similar. In addition, the material is somewhat thicker and therefore does not feel cheap. The gap dimensions are all the same and no unwanted openings or damage can be seen.

Only the regulators get a minus point, because they don’t have any steps to be felt in the adjustment of the temperature or brightness. So you first have to find a feeling for the right setting.

Craphy Ring light Scope of delivery

The Craphy ring light contains:

  • 18″ Ringlight
  • light stand
  • power cord
  • mobile phone holder
  • Flash shoe adapter
  • cosmetic mirror
  • Carrying bag and instructions for use

All ring light accessories can be stored and transported in the carrying bag.

Craphy Ringlight Carrying Bag
The scope of delivery is clearly arranged and very portable with the carrying bag.

Technical construction of the Craphy ring light

The instructions will quickly show you that it is easy to set up the ring light. First you set up the tripod and then screw the ring light on top. Then plug the cable into the back of the ring light and switch it on.

Craphy ring light connection and switch
The connection of the cable and the switch for switching on and off are next to each other.

Function of the ring light

With the Craphy ring light you have the possibility to change both the brightness and the warmth of the image. This can be done with two knobs. With these you can individually preset the ring light according to your ideas.

The color temperature can be adjusted in ten flowing steps. You can clearly see the difference, but there is no haptic feedback from the ring light control. There is no usual “click” to be heard, although the knob is for turning.

Craphy ring light 5.600 k
Maximum color temperature of the ring light at 5600 K.
Craphy ring light 3.200 k
The ring light at 3200 K.

Furthermore, you can use the included attachment to set up a smartphone, a DSLR camera or a cosmetic mirror. So one can illuminate photos and videos or make oneself up in a better light, in order to be able to see also everything ?.

Craphy ring light mobile phone stand
You can put a smartphone on the tripod.
Craphy Ringlight Camera Tripod
You can also use the camera on the tripod.
Craphy ring light pocket mirror on tripod
For make-up you can place a handy cosmetic mirror on the tripod.

With the ring light you also get the well-known halo effect directly to face. The ring light is reflected in the eyes, which creates a cool effect on pictures or videos.

The ring light is suitable for people who stand a lot in front of the camera, whether full-time or as a hobby e.g. as a Youtuber. The ring light helps you, regardless of the sunlight in the room that your face is always the same exposed. So the videos and photos are always in similar quality. On a professional level this is certainly an advantage. When it comes to the pocket mirror, I think it makes sense to prepare it for a photo or video.


The price of the Craphy ringlight is fine, at least in the offer. Other ring lights from China are also in this price segment, which makes it an option in any case. Since we did not depend on such a ring light in our YouTube videos so far, we unfortunately do not have a reference product at hand.

Nevertheless, the Craphy ringlight has convinced in its functions and structure, even without comparison. It’s fast, it’s light and handy and it serves its purpose. However, this is very niche, not every hobby youtuber or filmer needs such a ring light. What would you use the Craphy ringlight for?

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