Credit card knife in steel for $0.72

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

There are moments when I would like to have a knife at hand. Perhaps the Iain Sinclair Cardsharp, which fits in every wallet due to its practical credit card format, can help. It then “only” has to be unfolded three times and is then ready for use. The perfect credit card knife.

credit card knife

At a ridiculous 13 grams, the knife will be transportable for almost anyone. For such a small thing it is, as already written above, amazingly sharp and can serve as a helper in every situation in life, be it camping, diving or in the kitchen. I would rather not kill bears with it, but for many others it is a nice premium gadget. A fine thing for knife fetishists – perhaps rather pointless for everyone else. Or what do you think?

credit card knife instructions
With a little practice, anyone can do it.

It is questionable whether the Chinese versions of the knife are just as sharp or are more suitable for spreading butter (which would also be something ? ). It will give you a lot of surprised looks though, taking a knife out of your wallet.

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  • Profile picture from bellamitsop
    # 01.07.18 um 10:53


    Nice pruduct looks really handy OK recomend

  • Profile picture from andyr
    # 06.07.18 um 10:54


    I just got mine and unsurprisingly, it's fake. I guess I'll get around 5 uses from it before the cheap plastic snaps.

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