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Which child does not have its favourite cuddly toy with which it fell asleep peacefully every evening? And not only for children, but also for adults, cuddly toys are (again) in demand, as there are already whole movies with a plush teddy or the popular Emoji pillows with which you can cuddle very well. The toy presented here is a cuddly toy with surprise effect, perfect for your own children, nephews, nieces or other relatives and friends.

Cuddly toy with surprise effect

The cuddly toys, also known as Feisty Animals, come in cute, colourful designs. Choose from unicorns, cats, bears, dinosaurs, dragons, monkeys, hares and more in different colors. So there is something for everyone. The animals measure 22 x 20 x 6 cm and weigh almost 200 grams.

Cuddly toys with surprise effect Feisty
Various designs are available

And that brings us to the surprise effect already mentioned, the best comes at the end. When you cuddle your little animal lovingly, peacefully and thinking of nothing evil, then it only takes one touch to the ears of the animal and it reveals its dark side. This effect is shown very vividly and impressively in the video inserted below:

Youtube Video Preview

Meanwhile these cute things are also available as small key rings, so you can always and everywhere make people around you happy.

Cuddly toys with surprise effect Feisty pendant

The pendants weigh only 90 grams and may be a little too big for a bunch of keys with a size of 10 cm, but they don’t bother with bags or the like. The selection is partly a little smaller than with the normally large cuddly toys, but basically that should be enough.

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  • 31.05.18 um 07:44

    April Cornejo

    This is going to screw up more children . They will have PTSD and night terrors for years to come

  • 22.07.18 um 08:25


    Awesome I love it! And Comment above bs kids just weak minded

  • 22.07.18 um 08:26


    @Cutter: below even

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