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Everybody knows the typical music greeting cards that you can find in bookstores and supermarkets. But what if you could use your own music or even a personal voice message instead of the dull Happy Birthday tootling? Especially in these times, when the one or the other Christmas present might not be handed over personally, the own voice as a greeting message gives the present that special something again.

Greeting Cards Music Module

Two different versions

Purely optically, the music module is kept very practicable. On one side of the 6.2 x 4.5 cm module we find a double-sided sticker with which you can fix it in a card or package. If you turn the module, you will find the circuit board with the speaker and the sensor or button on it. Because there are two versions of the module. One can be activated by a button and the other version by a light sensitive sensor. The 1W loudspeaker is of course not a sonic miracle, but it fulfils its purpose.

Greeting cards music module stickers

The module is powered by a small battery, which is recharged via the Micro-USB connector. I can’t give any information about the exact battery life, but I have made the experience that it can handle the shipping of a package in any case. Of course this assumes that the music is not playing all the time.

Easy uploading of .mp3

The whole thing can also be easily played with music or a voice recording. To do this, connect the module to a notebook or computer via micro-USB, just like a smartphone. Then the module should be recognized just like a USB stick and you should already find a music file there. Delete the file and then you can drag your respective audio file in .mp3 format onto the module.

Greeting cards music module on PC

To activate the module, set the small switch to “On” and the module is ready. Depending on the version, music will play when light hits the sensor or you press the button. In any case you should do a test run and then adjust the volume with the Vol button to make sure that the presentee hears the right music in adequate volume.

Of course there are no limits for you. Whether it’s your partner’s favorite song or a message to your grandmother, you can certainly create a lot of joy with creativity. The only important thing is that you sing the music yourself, because copyrights are important. 😉 What is your idea for the music module?

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