Dancing, singing and repeat cactus for $12

Hey, guys! Just a heads up: The linked offer is already a bit older and the price of the gadget might have changed or it might not be available anymore.

Maybe finally a gadget of the category “WTF” again. This singing and dancing cactus, which plays songs for you, but can also parrot them, could perhaps be a very funny gift idea.

Dancing Cactus

Sing, dance and repeat

Yes, okay, the cactus is probably originally intended for young children as an educational toy, but I can already imagine that this 32 cm high marvel of technology would also go down very well as a fun gift.

Dancing Cactus functions baby
Cute big eyes is very true!

And now let’s be honest, the cactus has various functions in addition to its incredibly cute appearance. On the one hand, you can order models with a certain number of stored songs, which are then played with matching lighting and movement. In addition, there are cacti that just have the record and playback function, with which your words are played back shrilly distorted. And last but not least, there is a style 13, which is rechargeable via USB cable instead of 3 AA batteries (not included). Here is an overview of the styles:

Style 1 : 3 English Songs (battery type).
Style 2 : 120 English songs + light + talk (battery type)
Style 3 : 120 English Songs + light + talk (battery type)
Style 4 : 3 English songs (battery type)
Style 5 : 3 English songs (battery type)
Style 6 : 3 English songs (battery type)
Style 7 : 3 English songs (battery type)
Style 8 : 3 English songs (battery type)
Style 9 : 3 English songs (battery type)
Style 10 : 120 English songs + light + talk (battery type)
Style 11 : 120 English songs + light + talk (battery type)
Style 12 : 120 English songs + light + talk (battery type)
Style 13 : 120 English songs + light + talk (USB type)

If you look around a bit at AliExpress, there are also not only cacti with English songs, but also in other languages, if that might be more interesting for you or the person you are gifting.

The actual cactus is made of some sort of crocheted cotton and some filler, which contains the lights that light up rhythmically. The flower pot is covered with probably microfiber fabric and contains the various buttons for operation. On the bottom is then accordingly either a battery compartment or the plug input for charging.

A fun gadget for in between

All in all, we’re really just dealing with a fun gadget for in between, a funny gift or just the toy for the kids after all (best, only if you want to annoy the parents a bit, because annoying it will definitely get quickly 😉 ). The funny outfits are unfortunately tied to the style you choose, but there is at least a selection.

To the gadget
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