Deerma CM1910 and CM2000: New Products from Xiaomi Partner

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Deerma already paid us a visit with the foldable travel electric kettle. The attentive reader will notice: The Xiaomi subsidiary is completely focused on the household sector. What could be more natural than to launch the CM1910 and CM200, two cleaning devices on the market that can quickly remedy the situation on textiles, in the car and for spontaneous cleaning? We introduce them to you.

Deerma CM1910 Hand Vacuum Cleaner

Deerma CM1910: Small vacuum cleaner, big effect?

How often does this situation occur in everyday life? You are in a hurry and throw half your breakfast cereal on the kitchen floor. Sure, now you can reach for the good old dustpan, but that’s already connected with some work. The hand vacuum cleaner is even more pleasant and also very popular in the car if you want to vacuum something away quickly. With a suction power of 6,000 pa it is on a par with the Shuawadi and slightly stronger than the Cleanfly.

Deerma CM1910 Hand Vacuum Cleaner Sofa
A quick vacuum? A brief matter with the CM1910.

With a weight of just 1.1 kg and dimensions of 33.5 x 22.5 x 17.0 cm, the vacuum cleaner is very handy; for a hand vacuum cleaner, the dust chamber with a potential capacity of 0.4 l is fine. The CM1910 (which could have been named more uncomplicated) brings 8,000 rotations per minute to the scoreboard. For the 2200 mAh rechargeable battery, the small included charging station needs a whole 5 hours, which is colossally long. Complete battery vacuum cleaners need that long.

Deerma CM1910 Hand Vacuum Cleaner Design
The charging station is designed in Xiaomi colours just like the vacuum cleaner itself.

You can work with the vacuum cleaner for half an hour before it has to return to the charging station. It’s more intended for vacuuming in between and a permanent stay at the charging station. UV light (ultraviolet light) is also included in the package, so house dust mites are liquidated by vacuuming on textiles. Otherwise you can rely on the usual good Xiaomi quality, also or especially concerning the workmanship of the device.

Is the Deerma CM2000 the better choice?

Deerma CM2000: All-purpose gadget for allergy sufferers?

With three suction modes, this 43.0 x 28.0 x 16.3 cm small hand-held vacuum cleaner wants to make various household tasks easier. These suction stages all work with UV light and kill house dust mites and other vermin not visible to the human eye in addition to the actual vacuuming process. These are then vacuumed in after UV irradiation. The three suction modes in a nutshell:

  • Standard (4,000 pa suction power, battery life 45 min.)
  • Strong (7,000 pa suction power, battery life 25 min.)
  • H0t Air (55° Celsius hot air, battery life 15 min.)

Xiaomi Deerma vacuum cleaner mites textiles sofa

As with the CM1910, the dust chamber with 0.4 l potential filling quantity is not above average, but the nightmare of all house dust mites weighs only 2.8 kg. Included are LEDs, which help to detect dust and dirt in darker areas.

Xiaomi Deerma vacuum cleaner house dust mites UV light
House dust mites don’t get happy when they meet Deerma.

After a charging time of 2.5 hours, the 2500 mAh battery is ready for use for another 45 minutes. Depends naturally also on the individual use and selected suction stages. The device offers a total of six technical precautions to declare war on house dust mites:

  • 55° Celsius hot air
  • 2,500 rpm with the electric brush
  • 3.500 strokes/minute
  • 7,000 pa Suction power
  • ultraviolet light
  • HEPA filter
Xiaomi Deerma vacuum cleaner mites textiles
A lot of house dust mites can be found in textiles.

And yes, the CM200 looks like a mixture of kettle and iron. But that’s not necessarily bad, it’s a matter of taste. It looks both futuristic and a bit clunky.

Deerma cleaning devices: Worth a try?

If you have an itch in your nose when you think about house dust mites and would like to vacuum something in between, you have two quite good variants from the Xiaomi universe. If you don’t have a problem with house dust mites, but rather are looking for something for the car or similar occasions, then the CM1910 is the right choice for you and should take a closer look at the only half as expensive Cleanfly hand vacuum cleaner.

The CM200 looks like a frying pan in the optical comparison and has a lot to show with ~$165. But due to the variety of functions and technical data, one can imagine very well that house dust mites are already looking far away at the mere sight of the UFO vacuum cleaner. Of course it’s nonsense and coated, but it’s a general-purpose weapon for textiles, unfortunately also somewhat “unergonomic”.

Which model is more interesting for you?

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