Deerma HX20: intelligent shoe dryer with ozone for $34.31

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The Derma HX20 shoe dryer can not only dry shoes! At the same time it also fights bad odours and bacteria thanks to its built-in ceramic ozone generator. With its U-shaped outlets and extendable hose, it dries up to two pairs of shoes efficiently at the same time. Find out what else the Deerma HX20 can do here!

Derma HX20 shoe dryer at AliExpress for $34.31

Deerma HX20 Shoe Dryer at TomTop for $49.99

The Chinese manufacturer Deerma is, like Roborock, Dreame, Yeelight and other companies, partnered with Xiaomi. The reason why you can find Deerma products in most Chinese shops under the name “Xiaomi Deerma”.

Design of the Deerma HX20

The Deerma HX20 shoe dryer measures 211 x 117 x 208 mm and is made of heat-resistant plastic. According to the manufacturer, the device weighs 1.2 kg and has an output of 235W via the power outlet. A battery, for mobile operation, is unfortunately not installed. On the front of the Deerma HX20 shoe dryer are also three mechanical control buttons.

The hot air outlets are located on the top of the shoe dryer. The Deerma HX20 shoe dryer has two pairs of air outlets. The air outlets have a hose that can be pulled out up to 27 cm, so the air outlets can also be inserted directly into the shoe. This is especially interesting for high winter boots, but also for ski and snowboard boots! There is also a small stand, so the unit can be tilted easily.

The air outlets themselves are also cleverly designed. The U-shape prevents heat accumulation in the unit and ensures good circulation, and two boots can also be dried with one hose.

Modes and device protection

To protect the different materials used in the shoes, the Deerma HX20 dries at a constant 65° Celsius. During this process, the aforementioned ozone generator (100 mg/h ozone) combats bad odours and bacteria.

Xiaomi Deerma itself advertises with 3-1 functionality. Besides drying, the Deerma HX20 is also intended to serve as an air dehumidifier or mini heater fan. To what extent it can fulfil this purpose, we cannot judge.

The fan power can be adjusted in three steps, and it is also possible to program a timer for 30, 60, 120 or 180 minutes. In order to leave the device alone with a clear conscience, it is equipped with several protective functions.

If the device exceeds a temperature of 90° Celsius, for example due to poor air circulation in the shoe, it switches itself off automatically. After each application, the system cools down automatically within 30 seconds by means of a cooling fan and is thus immediately ready for the next application.


Especially for kids who like to enjoy jumping every puddle or winter holidays where you usually don’t have too many shoes with you, I can well imagine the Deerma HX20. With its flexible design and retractable air hose, it is also suitable for boots, ski or snowboard boots.



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