Dibea D008 Pro Battery Vacuum Cleaner for $142.99

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The Dibea brand has often been able to score with us in the field of battery-powered vacuum cleaners under $100. Now the Chinese manufacturer seems to dare to take the step towards higher-priced and more powerful models. The now released Dibea D008 Pro with its high suction power can be considered a frontal attack on the Roidmi F8 and Jimmy JY51. We have all information for you.

Dibea D008 Pro Battery Vacuum Cleaner Dimensions

Technical Data

Dibea D008 ProRoidmi F8Jimmy JY51
Suction force17000 pa (comparison: Dibea D18: 9000 pa)18500 pa17000 pa
Noise level75 dB (at highest suction level)75 dB (at highest suction level)75 dB (at highest suction level)
Battery2200 mAh2500 mAh2500 mAh
Working time30 minutes (Standard Mode), 15 minutes (Max Mode)55 minutes45 minutes
Charging time4-5 h2.5 h (other models: 5 h)5 h
Dust chamber0.55 l0.4 l0.5 l
Dimensions104.0 x 24.0 x 21.1 cm119.1 x 25.9 x 15.8 cm127 x 23 x 22 cm
Weight2.3 kg2.5 kg (as manual vacuum cleaner: 1.5 kg)1.46 kg
Featurestwo suction levelstwo suction levels, LED lighting, app integrationtwo suction levels

The technical data already show quite strong differences between the Dibea D008 Pro and the Roidmi F8, but not so much to the Jimmy JY51. What all three models have in common is that they are quite loud (due to the high suction power) with an operating volume of 75 dB. That’s a volume you definitely can’t ignore in the same room. Positive, of course, are the advantages that most battery-powered vacuum cleaners have: Bagless, no typical vacuum cleaner smell (which usually comes from the bag) and no cable.

Dibea D008 Pro: from a budget brand to a big player?

An average vacuum cleaner from Dibea usually costs about $110 and is rather intended for smaller apartments and not too intensive cleaning. The Dibea D008 Pro comes as a complete surprise with a suction power of 17000 pa on the higher and 9000 pa on the lower suction level. This also makes it suitable for more difficult accumulations of dirt. The working time of 30 minutes (Roidmi F8: 55 min.) on the lower suction stage and 15 minutes on the higher suction stage, however, are again rather criteria that speak for customers with smaller premises.

Dibea-D008-Pro-vacuum cleaner

The 40.9 x 9.44 x 8,3 inch small battery-powered vacuum cleaner weighs 2.3 kg, making it somewhat heavier than the Dibea F6 or ST1601. This could result in a possibly higher quality because heavier materials were used in the production. At first glance, the D008 Pro doesn’t look much different than the previous models and is also made of plastic and aluminum. Optically it looks almost the same as the Dibea C17.

Dibea-D008-Pro- vacuum cleaner wall mount

The 0.55 l dust chamber turns out to be a small highlight, so that one can also carry out a cleaning process with larger accumulations of dirt and dust without having to empty the dust chamber in between. As usual from Dibea, the dust chamber can be removed and emptied without having to come into direct contact with the collected dust.

Hand-held vacuum cleaner with mite attachment

Of course the Dibea D008 Pro is a 2-in-1 device like most battery-powered vacuum cleaners today. So the battery vacuum cleaner and the hand vacuum cleaner, for this you just have to remove the suction tube and possibly put the mite attachment on it. The individual parts snap into place quickly and can easily be plugged together.

Dibea-D008 Pro vacuum cleaner in hand

For more information about mites and where the “dust allergy” actually comes from, have a look at the article about Jimmy JY11 or Jimmy JY51. Of course, the Dibea can also be used as a normal hand vacuum cleaner, with which you can quickly suck through the car or other places.


Many of my colleagues in the office have already bought the Roidmi F8, personally the Dibea C17 is enough for me as a supplement to the 360 S6 suction robot. But the fact is that a battery-powered vacuum cleaner is incredibly practical. The Dibea D008 Pro could turn out to be a really strong alternative to the established models. At least depending on the shop, it is priced below the two top models from Xiaomi. Only in terms of workmanship and design I’m not necessarily convinced. Maybe a test model is needed to discuss this in more detail. ?

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