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The Chinese vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dibea does not tire of developing: After the popular models F6, C17 and ST1601, a new battery-powered vacuum cleaner has come onto the market from the development forge, which, in addition to the usual dyson-like design, scores with higher suction power and LED lights. We tested the Dibea D18.

Dibea D18 battery vacuum cleaner

Technical data: The strongest Dibea models in comparison

Dibea D18Dibea C17Dibea ST1601
Suction force9000 pa/ 4000 pa (depending on suction level)7000 pa/4000 pa (depending on suction level)7000 pa/4000 pa (depending on suction level)
Noise level75 dB75 dB68 dB
Suction levelstwotwotwo
Battery life25-45 min.20-40 min.25-40 min.
Weight2.2 kg3.2 kg1.35 kg
Dust chamber0.55 l0.35 l0.3 l
Dibea D18 battery vacuum cleaner comparison Dibea C17 Design
In direct comparison, the Dibea C17 shows some weakness.
Dibea D18 battery vacuum cleaner comparison Dibea C17 floor nozzle
When it comes to design, the C17 and D18 don’t give each other much.

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery is similar to that of its three predecessor models. The three obligatory attachments also fit on the Dibea C17, the same applies to the charging cable. Practical for those who already own the C17 and are interested in the D18. The scope of delivery includes:

  • 0,55 l large dust chamber
  • vacuum cleaner tube
  • floor nozzle
  • Attachment with brushes
  • narrow feed tube
  • Charging cable with EU plug
  • Wall mount (without integrated charging function)
  • Manual in English
Dibea D18 battery vacuum cleaner Scope of delivery
The scope of delivery is rich as usual from Dibea, but almost the same as the other models of the manufacturer.

The package includes a wall mount, but it is not equipped with an integrated charging station. After all, it is not necessary to place the battery vacuum cleaner in the storage room or on the floor. Spoiler:: That’s really good.

Design and workmanship

As with the predecessors, the design was based on a device from the British market leader: Optically, there are many parallels to the Dyson V8, which even at Amazon costs more than four times as much as the D18. The golden-yellow suction tube and the blue-red hand-held vacuum cleaner are clear indications that the Chinese have their eye on the competition here.

Dibea D18 battery vacuum cleaner design
Don’t we know this from somewhere? The D18 is very similar to the Dyson V8 in design.

The battery vacuum cleaner measures 104 x 24 x 21 cm when completely removed (suction tube, dust chamber, handle, floor nozzle).

Thus it brings along the right height for the average tall man (just under 1.80 m) and comes through the low floor nozzle also well under pieces of furniture such as the sofa or the chest of drawers. Smaller people always have to keep the teat away from them at a slight angle (which is also not particularly bad), people over 1.90 m could get back pain when working here for longer periods.

Dibea D18 battery vacuum cleaner comparison Dibea C17 Optics
With a height of 1.04 m, the vacuum cleaner is ideal for people of 1.80 m in height.

The material used is plastic as with its predecessor models, higher quality materials would probably lead to a higher weight than the 2.2 kg given here, which is not necessarily desirable with a vacuum cleaner. Nevertheless, one is naturally more pleased with the handling of high-quality plastic or metal elements.

As usual with Dibea, the individual parts are assembled with a simple snap lock, which works very well and quickly. The construction is anything but rickety and very stable. There are no processing errors, of course the Dibea D18 doesn’t look quite as valuable as the Roidmi F8.

Dibea D18 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Flip Lock
The individual parts are assembled via a snap lock.
Dibea D18 battery vacuum cleaner snap lock
The assembly works well, simply and quickly.

When it comes to design and workmanship, the D18 can hardly be criticized. At a high level, however, one may complain that there is no handle on the suction pipe that could have made the vacuum cleaner even easier to operate. But you can’t have everything at a price of less than $100.

Charging time and wall mount

The loading time of 5 hours is of course suboptimal, after all, one knows that this also applies to many other models. Why the charging time for a 2200 mAh small battery must still be so long is still a mystery to me. To charge the battery, just charge the handle with the included charging cable.

Dibea D18 rechargeable battery vacuum cleaner
All you need to charge the battery is the handle and the charging cable.

At first glance, the supplied wall bracket looks a bit cheap and unstable, but after attaching the small bracket it becomes clear that it holds the battery vacuum cleaner well. And this applies not only to the hand-held vacuum cleaner, but also to the completely dismantled vacuum cleaner.

Dibea D18 battery-operated vacuum cleaner Scope of delivery Wall bracket
The supplied elements for mounting the wall bracket. All you need is the glue.
Dibea D18 battery-operated vacuum cleaner wall bracket attachment
Apply the glue to the underside of the wall bracket.
Dibea D18 battery-operated vacuum cleaner wall bracket attached to wall
The wall bracket can then be attached to the wall.

It only takes a few minutes to install the wall mount. Even if you want to store the vacuum cleaner in the storage room, it takes up less space on the wall than on the floor.

Dibea D18 battery-operated vacuum cleaner wall bracket
The wall bracket keeps the vacuum cleaner extremely stable and looks good in the four walls.

Performance of the Dibea D18: Low price, high efficiency?

Optically the competition copied a lot, but technically Dibea tries to set its own accents. There are again two different suction levels, which produce different amounts of suction power and thus also different battery life. The lower suction level offers an average 4000 pa suction power with a working time of 45 minutes, the higher suction level comes to a strong 9000 pa with a rather long working time of 25 minutes.

Dibea D18 battery vacuum cleaner floor nozzle
The D18 has two different suction levels.

To adjust the suction power, just press the button on the handle as you would with other models. That’s how you switch the vacuum cleaner on. Like the Dibea C17, the D18 is odourless, as the slightly musty smell comes from the contents of the dust bag, which is not present here.

Thus the 0.55 l dust chamber is to be positively emphasized, these must be emptied with the use of the battery vacuum cleaner only rarely. In addition, emptying the chamber is allergy-friendly and does not come into contact with the collected dust.

Dibea D18 battery vacuum cleaner LED display
At the top of the handle we not only have an LED display, but also we can adjust the suction power.

The operating volume of 75 dB could, in my opinion, be somewhat lower, but is still within the tolerable range. For comparison: The average volume at which we humans talk to each other is 60 dB. With this volume it is no longer possible for roommates to watch TV in peace and quiet or to talk undisturbed.

Dibea D18 battery-operated vacuum cleaner wall attachment
Cobwebs can also be removed from the wall using various attachments.

On hard floor the D18 makes a really good impression. Not to compare with the Roidmi F8, but lint, dust and dog hair are not a big problem on this floor. The D18 is certainly not a fan of long hair, but the floor nozzle still catches everything.

Dibea D18 battery vacuum cleaner floor nozzle brush
The brush attached to the floor nozzle collects the dirt very efficiently.

Due to the solid working time values, you can use both suction levels even in larger rooms, even if you prefer to use the higher one effectively. The lower suction level does not provide enough suction power for stubborn dirt or on carpets to be really effective, the higher one does.

Different attachments for different purposes

As we have already experienced with the other Dibea models, the Dibea D18 also comes with various attachments that can be used instead of the large floor nozzle. Practically, the individual attachments also fit on the other Dibea vacuum cleaners and are also available separately as accessories thanks to the “modular principle” (see below in the article).

Dibea D18 battery vacuum cleaner attachments
The individual attachments of the D18, which we already know from the other models.

The attachment with brushes (top left in the picture) can be used to loosen tight carpet fluff and make it easier to suck in. The attachment with the narrow suction pipe (right in the picture) in combination with the long suction pipe is very well suited, for example, to remove cobwebs from the ceiling or to vacuum in hard-to-reach corners of the apartment. Simply plugged onto the hand-held vacuum cleaner (without the long suction tube), this attachment is also very well suited for the car.

Dibea D18 battery vacuum cleaner brush attachment
With the brush attachment you can work on carpets and doormats.

LED lights for dark corners

The most exciting feature of the battery vacuum cleaner are the LED lights installed on the floor nozzle, which are helpful in dark corners in order to be able to easily detect dirt under pieces of furniture. We already know this from the Roidmi F8 and therefore know how practical this feature can be. The difference: the LED lights of the Dibea light up continuously, while the lights of the Roidmi vacuum cleaner only light up when this darkness turns off around them.

Dibea D18 battery vacuum cleaner LED lights
The LED lights help to vacuum in darker corners.

The LED lights of the Roidmi F8 are slightly more powerful than those of the D18, but they are fully adequate. This not only makes the feature look cool, but also fulfills its practical use. I expect this from all battery vacuum cleaners in the future and would not like to do without it any more.

Dibea D18 battery vacuum cleaner LED lights under bed
The LED lights are continuously switched on during use.

Accessories and spare parts

Anyone who already owns a battery vacuum cleaner knows that the individual parts sometimes wear out faster than intended when used intensively. With regular cleaning of the filters and components (removing hair and dirt) you can take precautions here. If you buy the Dibea D18, you can fortunately fall back on a lot of (not necessarily cheap) accessories and spare parts. I have listed the individual offers:

Handle with batteryAliExpress for $35.60
Attachment especially for mite controlAliExpress for $15.15
Floor nozzleAliExpress for $30.37
Attachment for the dust chamber + handleAliExpress for $16.35
Dust chamberAliExpress for $17.99
Wall mountAliExpress for $4.87
HEPA filterAliExpress for $4.99

Considering the new cost of the battery vacuum cleaner, the prices for the accessories seem quite high. Nevertheless, you are happy in the event that an individual part should be defective.

Conclusion: The best vacuum cleaner for the price?

I have been using the Dibea D18 for two weeks now and can say: The suction power is exemplary for a model in this price range, the dust chamber has to be emptied less often than with other models and the design also appeals to me very much. With the LED lights, Dibea has also added a powerful new feature to the D18 that would have been nice on the other models of the brand. Currently I see the D18 as the strongest Dibea vac – even though it is the cheapest.

Of course the D18 is not comparable to the current top model of the Roidmi F8, but it costs only one third of the mentioned model. Not to mention the design awards for the Dyson V8. For less than $100 the D18 is absolutely recommended.

  • Performance on hard floors and carpets
  • Price-performance: high suction power for little money
  • Stable wall mount
  • LED luminaires
  • Working time is fine
  • allergy friendly

  • lower suction level not too high
  • long battery charging time

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  • Profile picture from KEVIN K
    # 21.07.18 um 20:33


    What type of batteries are in the handle?

    • Profile picture from Thorben
      # 24.07.18 um 13:39

      Thorben CG team

      @KEVIN K as far as I know you can not replace the batteries seperately, but just the handle itself.

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    That's not true as all battery compartments are screwed together so it can com apart

    • Profile picture from Maike
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      Maike CG team

      @KEVIN K just because you can doesn't mean you should 😀 We haven't opened up our model and therefore do not know what type of battery is build inside. And we would not really recommend doing so due to guarantee and safety reasons.

      • Profile picture from bobby ray
        # 16.09.18 um 21:01

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        Well, pretty much everything cordless these days use Li 18650 batteries. The internet (like can guide you if you're a little handy. Your risk of an explosion is well below 50%.

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        If you can you should

        Yeah you’re supposed to replace batteries with different sizes and types so they all get along and work together. Don’t discriminate your your battery usage. How can you tell if an electron is gay? Cuz he goes around blowing all the fuses!!!!! Are you guys hiring?

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      Kevin, did you try changing the batteries in the battery compartment? If so, what were they and did it fix your issue? I have no power going to it, so I dont kniw if it's the charger or a battery issue.

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    Nice review, thank you.

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    Pretty happy with the D18 but the floor head is smaller than the dyson which is only drawback.

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    @Moboy: thanks for the review

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    Could you interchange the D18 and C17 motorized head brush?

    • Profile picture from Tim
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      Tim CG team

      yes, you should be able to interchange them

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