Digital scale with measuring cup: removable handle and measures the room temperature

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If you want to bake a good cake, you need a measuring cup and a scale. Ideally, the measuring cup should also contain all common units of measurement such as ml, oz, lb, etc.. Then you can save yourself the hassle of converting and can cook authentic recipes from all over the world. In the meantime, there are several models that offer this. But what is a digital scale with a measuring cup good for? This test sheds some light on the subject.

Packaging and scope of delivery

The digital scale with measuring cup arrived in a dented cardboard box. You can see the arduous journey. Fortunately, the measuring cup survived everything undamaged. In the box itself, the beaker is encased in a transparent plastic bag with the nice advice not to pull it over your head, as there is a danger of suffocation…Well, there goes my plan for the weekend. In addition, one receives the obligatory instruction manual. Who is not master of the English language, is here unfortunately at a disadvantage. Unfortunately, you don’t get the battery for your money. You have to get it yourself.

Digital measuring cup units
And this is how the measuring cup looks when unpacked.


The measuring cup is made of transparent plastic. The lettering on the cup is black, which makes it much easier to read. Speaking of reading, here you can read the units ml, oz and cups directly from the cup. Quite useful when you bake a recipe from Cupcake Jemma or other YouTubers again. The handle is also made of plastic and is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. The cup is available in green, red and black. We opted for the black version here. In addition to the ergonomic handle, the handle is equipped with an LC Display and three buttons. A cool extra: the room temperature is also measured!

Measuring cups in action
This is what the handle with the display looks like.

Features and operation

What immediately struck me as positive were the many different settings. You can choose from various measurement units by briefly pressing the mode button. The units represented here are: Grams, milliliters, ounces, cups, pounds and even carats. The LC display shows which unit is currently being used. Another practical feature is that the cup measures the outside or room temperature. And just like the units of measurement, the temperature unit can also be set. If you hold down the Mode button for three seconds, you can switch back and forth between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The power button turns the display on and off. Finally, there’s the Tare button, which you can use to set the scale to zero if, for example, you want to weigh and mix several ingredients in a cup. Oh, and the ingredients are best weighed by placing the cup on an even surface. This will give you the most accurate results.

Digital Measuring Cup Display
This is what the handle with the display looks like.

But the manufacturers have also thought about battery replacement. Because the battery cover has a slot, to open the cover you only need a coin to turn the lid open. The gadget is powered by a CR2023 battery. FYI: The side with the plus symbol must still be facing up when you put it in. If you can’t remember this, don’t despair. This information can also be found printed on the packaging. It’s also nice that the handle is removable. This is super practical, because the battery does not come into contact with water when the cup is rinsed.

Digital measuring cup removable handle
In the example image, I have set to milliliters.
The battery is easy to replace thanks to the slot.


In terms of capacity, I find the scale a bit disappointing. It can only hold a maximum of 1 kg and 600 ml. If you exceed the maximum capacity, an error message appears on the display. Just for comparison: With my measuring cups at home, there are 1000 ml of liquid that fit inside. So if you have a large family to spoil, you’ll have to fill up the cup more often until you’ve weighed out the desired amount of ingredients.


In terms of functions, everything worked flawlessly, regardless of whether it was the changeover between the different units of measurement, temperatures or tare. The fact that the measuring cup is made of plastic makes it super lightweight. Due to the ergonomic handle, it also fits well in the hand, at least better than a cup with a conventional handle. Because the handle is removable, the measuring cup can be easily washed and the battery is spared.

All in all, the cup makes a reasonable impression. It fulfills its purpose and the functions run top. It’s just stupid that you now no longer have an excuse if the cake should not taste…😅

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