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Not so long ago, we introduced you to the Squishy figures and one figure in particular has remained in our loving memory: the Dingding. His sweet and cuddly look makes him one of the favorites and now he is finally available in big. Perfect for cuddling in the lonely nights!

Dingding Penis cuddly toy

The cuddly Dingding is available in four different sizes. From sweet 10 cm to strong 50 cm, but everyone knows that it’s not the size that counts, but the cuddliness. But the inner values are also convincing, because the velvety, pink plush cover is filled with PP cotton. Although this is not real cotton, it should be odourless, hard-wearing and kind to the skin. In addition, sweat and water are drained off and not absorbed. Even more reasons not to let the Dingding out of bed.

Dingding cuddly toy with woman
A Dingding for a headdress?!

The mushroom-like head is provided with two simple, black eyes, almost like small liver spots. If you don’t hold it in your arm, the Dingding stands like a one, thanks to the two small, round feet. All in all only plus points for the little guy. So if you are looking for the perfect gift or would rather have fun with the cuddly pillow yourself, you’ll find it here!

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