Silicone dishwashing gloves for $4.98/£3.95/5,68€

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There are many reasons to put off doing the dishes until they pile up in tall towers in the kitchen. Not only is time a deciding factor, but shriveled hands and the tedious removal of dried food residue can be quite annoying. The Dishwashing Gloves start right there and are designed to make your tedious housework easier.

Never again make your hands dirty

The idea is simple and in my opinion, nevertheless, quite ingenious! The dishwashing gloves are basically thick, reusable rubber gloves – with only one difference. On the palm of the hand are many small rubber nubs attached, which make a large rubber brush.

They replace the sponge, cloth and dishwashing brush in a gadget that literally sticks to your hands. The dishwashing gloves are much more hygienic, provided that they are cleaned and disinfected regularly. In addition, your own hands remain dry and do not come into contact with the dishes or dirty water.

At the end you can simply hang the gloves to dry.

The suspension is attached to the middle finger on our GearBest model, and to the opening on others. Whether this has advantages or disadvantages, I can not tell you.

Other uses

Of course, the use of the cleaning gloves is not limited to washing dishes, they can also be a useful helper in the bathroom and help at least in the removal of coarse dirt particles. Even more useful I see the rubber gloves in car cleaning: Especially when the rims are stubbornly dirty, this gives you the opportunity to clean the spokes precisely and thoroughly.

The gloves can also help with the care of your favorite pet. Especially if your four-legged friend likes to play in the mud, the gloves help like a kind of comb to gently brush it out of the fur. This not only saves time, but also gives your dog a massage that is certainly not unpleasant. What do you think of this gadget?

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