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The Hong Kong company Divoom mainly manufactures Bluetooth loudspeakers. Occasionally there are optically unusual ones, such as the AuraBox with LED display. The Tivoo LED Box goes in the same direction with its pixel type display, but also comes in a chic retro design.

Divoom Tivoo LED Soundbox Pacman

NameDivoom Tivoo
Driver6 Watt
Frequency range80-20,000Hz
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0, AUX, SD card
Battery capacity3000 mAh
Weight380 g
Dimensions100 x 83 x 83 mm
IP protection class

Packaging, Design & Accessories – Beautiful and extensive

A beautiful, sturdy cardboard box, in which the speaker is well padded and stored together with all kinds of extras – that’s what you wish for. In addition to speakers, USB and AUX cables, there are instructions in ten languages. We also find three square postcards with pixel images and three sheets with a total of 33 small stickers with which you can embellish the speaker itself or other things.

Divoom Tivoo LED Soundbox Sticker
Colourful postcards and stickers are included as accessories.

The soundbox itself looks like an old tube TV with four small feet. The latter are made of rubber and prevent slipping on smooth surfaces. The controls on the front panel adjust the volume and let you change several standard displays (time, equalizer…). On the back are the connections and the power button behind a cover, which can also be pressed through the rubber protection.

Divoom Tivoo LED Soundbox Connectors
The connectors on the back of the speaker.

The actual speaker is located on the top side. The workmanship of the entire speaker is impeccable, the keys are easy to use and the gap dimensions are virtually invisible. However, the Tivoo LED Box is not waterproof, and probably also intended more as a speaker for indoors. Nevertheless, of course, there is no reason not to take him outside with you. In this case, of course, you want to make sure that he doesn’t get anything.

Sound of the Divoom TIVOO LED Box

For a speaker this size, the sound is very good. The Xiaomi Soundbox 2 is easy to carry, especially in the low frequency range, but the JKR KR – 1000 is better again. Both are much cheaper; for $70, which the Divoom actually costs, you can get the good network speaker from Xiaomi.

Divoom Tivoo LED Soundbox Speaker

However: The comparison is of course not quite fair, since Divoom offers much more than just a loudspeaker. The design, the partly beautiful pixel-art graphics and the portability together with the good battery all play their part here. Only you don’t get the divoom for the sound. Nevertheless, one can hold on: The sound is not bad and definitely suitable for chilling at home on the sofa, music for the games evening or the afternoon with a few friends at the lake.

Divoom Tivoo LED Soundbox Rear Panel
The bass reflex channel on the rear provides an even more powerful bass tone.

Music can be played either via Bluetooth 5.0, via AUX cable or via an inserted SD card, which can be up to 32 GB in size.

For fans of Pixel-Art – Display and App

You’ll probably fall in love with the Divoom the first time you switch it on – or not at all. The 16 x 16 pixel images, of which there are countless to choose from, range from cool to cute and look really good on the bright display. You can also simply display the time or date, bright colors or more complex animations. And of course you can also create your own pictures. This requires the app, which can be downloaded free of charge for Android and iOS.

Divoom Smart App Screenshots
Register – Update – Upload or create your own images

You can also upload your own pictures and make them available to other users of the app. Since many others do the same, there is already a selection of thousands of pictures and animations. If you don’t like it, you don’t need to create your own animations. In principle, however, this is so simple that everyone should at least give it a try. To create your own images, save others as favorites or use the many additional functions, an account must be created. The online collection can also be accessed without registration.

Divoom Smart App Screenshots 2
There are hundreds of templates. Or you can create your own pictures and animations.

In addition, you can also upload your own pictures, which are then brought to the 16 x 16 format, or even take photos directly via the app. There are also larger graphics consisting of several single images, usually four images of 16 x 16 each, but these can only be displayed on devices such as the aforementioned Aurabox or the Divoom Timebox if you combine several displays into one.

Divoom Tivoo LED Soundbox Animation

Further functions of the app

Besides the settings for the display, there are more things you can do with the app. There is a notification feature for most social media and messenger apps, alarm clocks and weather information. You can record your own voice messages, create a calendar and even play games like Tetris. However, the latter must be controlled via the controls on the speaker itself.

Battery – Long battery life, long charging time

The capacity of the battery is 3000 mAh, which is according to the description a running time of up to six hours. As so often it also depends on the volume. Charging the battery also takes time and takes more than four hours when the battery is completely discharged.


Personally, I love this speaker. Besides the sound, which is really good for a portable speaker of this size, it is simply a real eye-catcher. Whether on the chest of drawers or on the shelf in the apartment, or outside on the picnic blanket. Rarely that I like a gadget so much right away. The only really “but” I can think of is the price. $70 is quite a lot for a speaker of this size, and cannot be justified by the sound alone.

You just have to look at the whole package and ask yourself: Is the Tivoo LED Box with its design worth the money? My personal answer to this question is a clear “yes” at $50, and a more restrained “for the right occasion” at $70. How do you like the Divoom Tivoo?

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