DIY 004 Small Boxing Robot $13.77

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Is it raining outside or is the entertainment programme at home already overused? How about a boxing match on the coffee table? The DIY 004 boxing robot is designed to teach children a little more about the functions of robotics, but grown-up children are also guaranteed to enjoy it.

DIY 004 Small Boxing Robot

Off to the fight

For a good fight you need another boxing robot to let the small DIY robots compete against each other. However, it must first be assembled. The Robo-Klitschko boxes with two movable arms on which rollers move in the front. If two of the 422 g light robots are allowed to compete, it is necessary to hit the weak point, in this case the face of the robot. Inside, a small motor works for the movements.

DIY 004 boxing robot
The 422 g light boxing robot has a high impact rate.

The Robo boxer moves over the rollers on the legs. Funny is the idea of making the little boxer compete against a mini punchball for sparring as a kind of preparation for the fight. ? The robot also has a very considerable number of strokes, it boxes with fast fists. The small robot is operated with two AA batteries, which are unfortunately not included. But in addition to the many individual parts, there are a few stickers that can be used to distinguish the robots.

Let’s get ready to rumble!

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