DOCKCASE Smart SSD Hard Drive Enclosure: Never lose data again?

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The DOCKCASE USB-C Hub was the smartest and theoretically best USB-C Hub we have come across so far. The manufacturer is now expanding its portfolio with the DOCKCASE Smart SSD hard drive enclosure, which is supposed to protect against data loss thanks to some cool features.

Hard drive case with its own display

You could almost think that the manufacturer recycled the case of the DOCKCASE USB-C hub, but the case for the hard drive is slightly shorter in length at 12.7 cm. Thus, it also fits easily into the notebook bag. You opt for a Space Grey color scheme, and the black top is even protected with glass. The aluminum case provides basic stability and the grooves are supposed to provide a bit more grip. For extra protection, you can also order a silicone case with it, which should also protect the DOCKCASE for drops. The hard drive case is equipped with USB-C, and the cable even offers an attachment with USB-A in addition to the USB-C port.

On the upper side, there is a 1.33″ display with 240 x 240p under the glass. This displays the most important information about the connected SSD, for example capacity, remaining “lifetime”, partitions with the respective storage and much more. To operate it, you implement the D key. You can use it to switch between the menu items. This worked well with the manufacturer’s USB-C hub, but it takes some time to get used to.

All important functions are available via the display.

This has the advantage that you always have a quick overview of the most important data on your hard disk, instead of having to read it out regularly with extra software. If you store particularly sensitive data on it, this can provide additional security.

Up to 1 GB per second

The DOCKCASE Smart SSD hard drive enclosure is suitable for M.2 NVMe & SATA SSDs up to a capacity of 2 TB. It relies on the latest USB 3.2 Gen.2 standard, allowing for a data transfer rate of 10 Gbps. This can mean speeds of up to 1050 Mb/s, although this of course depends on factors such as data size & volume. The SSD Enclosure also supports UASP, which enables faster data transfer.

The design with the fins on the underside not only provides grip, but also better cooling. In combination with a thermal pad, they provide better heat dissipation, which is controlled by an integrated temperature sensor. This should improve the longevity of the hard drive enclosure.

The main promise is increased protection against data loss. Data can be lost due to power failures during write operations or unsafe removal. The integrated Power Loss Protection protects against power failures. In this case, the SSD Enclosoure can still supply the SSD with power for up to ten seconds so that the write process is not necessarily interrupted and the data is still backed up. In that time, the DOCKCASE can backup up to 10 GB of data, such as about 2500 pictures. A cool idea, but power outages should only be a concern for desktop computers, less so for notebooks.


We liked the DOCKCASE USB-C Hub not only because it is simply nerdy, but because you get quite a few settings options and simply a good hub. So far, it doesn’t look any different with the DOCKCASE Smart SSD hard drive enclosure. You certainly can’t do much more for your data security on the external hard drive. Thanks to the display, the most important metrics are always in view and the Power Loss Protection can provide data recovery in an emergency. With a price of just under $84, this is also paid for accordingly, a “normal” SSD case is already available for less than $20 on Amazon. However, the data recovery and possible purchase of a new hard drive can justify the price.

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