Dreame D9 LDS vacuum robot : the 2020 model?

This is Dreame, a producer of strong price-performance models of cordless vacuum cleaners. Now a new model has made it’s appearance: the Dreame D9 DS vacuum robot.


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Dreame D9: The 2020 model?

Maybe you are not as excited about this news as I am, but as a vacuum robot/battery vacuum tester or interested person you simply have to look forward to this vacuum robot! Dreame’s first vacuum robot F9 came without laser distance sensor, but with a low height of 7.9 cm and cost only a fraction of the top models with laser space measurement. The new D9 is based on laser space measurement, the most precise way of navigation as of September 2020.

Dreame D9 vacuum robot LDS laser distance sensor
The Dreame D9 navigates via laser distance sensor (LDS).

Visually, the D9 is a mixture of several Roborock models: The S6 Pure (because of the nice notch in the middle), the S6 (because of the outer rim) and the S5 (because of the LDS placement and shape). However, the – at least so advertised – suction power of 3000 pa has not yet been reached by any Roborock model, even the S6 MaxV brings only 2500 pa on the scoreboard.

Dreame D9 vacuum robot suction power
With 3000 pa the Dreame D9 has a right to exist also on carpets.

With the control elements, i.e. the buttons on the top side, you seem to have picked yourself out a bit with all elements. They are cleverly integrated directly into the surface and are not recognizable as protruding buttons. Functionally, however, they are unchanged compared to the previous models.

Dreame D9 vacuum robot Controls Buttons
The buttons on the top.

Dreame Technology stands for high-quality workmanship and very good material quality. Here you can hope in good conscience for the usual high quality of the Xiaomi subsidiaries. The working time of up to 150 min. on the lowest suction stage allows cleaning of rooms above 200 m².

Dreame D9 vacuum robot Working method Performance
The D9 navigates with equal precision in the dark and in the light.

Live-mapping and selective room division

Functionally, the D9 seems to be up to date, at least you can see from the short video that within the Xiaomi Home App (AndroidiOS), in addition to live mapping, selective room partitioning is also included in the software package.

Dreame D9 vacuum robot working method navigation straight paths
The D9 drives down the premises in straight lanes and thus leaves no area out.
Dreame D9 vacuum robot App control
The whole thing can then be viewed in the app as a virtual map.

The selective room division allows you to tell the robot not only in which order it should go through the rooms, but also whether it should vacuum or mop there. The rooms can also be controlled individually. For example, you can have only the bedroom cleaned, or the living room first, or even two other rooms.

Dreame D9 vacuum robot Mapping selective room division
The rooms can thus be run individually or in a specific order.

Also the automatic carpet boost (automatically detects carpets underneath itself and increases the suction power to the maximum) is again part of the package. In the video the D9 also avoids small obstacles such as shoes or the house cat, but whether it can do this in practice, I dare to question. Alternatively, you can set no-go zones on the virtual map to exclude certain areas for the robot. For example the litter box or the play corner.

Dreame D9 vacuum robot virtual walls
No-Go-Zone is set and the (strange) play corner is ignored by the robot.

The features are already available on other models, of course, but they are also an absolute requirement for top models. And just as we got to know Dreame in the past, there’s certainly one more trick they’re not telling us until the launch. By the way, the official launch, when is it actually?

Outlook: When is the Dreame D9 available?

It’s still too early for an estimation, after all we don’t know all the technical data or the launch price of the device. But if we only assume Dreame’s price policy with it’s known workmanship, we can expect at least one price-performance hit. The unique selling point seems to be missing and there is a possibility that the D9 will be technically very similar to other models. Both would be absolutely justifiable, but I have the feeling that Dreame hasn’t quite let the cat out of the bag yet.

Dreame D9 vacuum robot wiping function
Cats always move, Dreame thought and animated one into the video.

You don’t have to put the Black Week around November 27th in your calendar, because you will be informed about it from all sides. But I will mark this day bold in the calendar for another reason: The Dreame D9 is to be launched in the period around the offer week. Wow, that will be an exciting week!

Are you as euphoric as I am about the new Dreame?

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