Dreame H11 Mop Battery Vacuum Cleaner for $280 at Amazon

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The time has come, the cordless vacuum expert Dreame launches the first own wiping cordless vacuums H11 & H11 Max. Equipped with a fresh and waste water tank, your floors will not only be vacuumed, but also wiped. Of course, a helpful display is not to be missed. The next success for Dreame?

Dreame H11 Max wipe battery vacuum product picture

Better cleaning with water

Unlike a cordless vacuum, wipe cordless vacuums still use additional water to clean your floors. The advantage of this is that even stains and stubborn dirt are sucked up in this way and you can leave the mop in the cupboard. The Dreame H11 has 900 ml of liquid available in the fresh water tank. There is room for 500 ml in the waste water tank, and a light film of water naturally remains on your floor.

On the main brush there is a rotating soft roller, which applies friction and pressure to the floor, imitating scrubbing.

The H11 Max has a suction power of 10,000 pa, and the H11 still has a suction power of 5,500 pa. These values are actually not too high for cordless vacuums (values of 30,000 pa in some cases), but they can be sufficient in combination with wiping. We’ll have to see in practice.

Dreame H11 Max wipe battery vacuum in action-2

Dirt sensor from the Dreame T30

Apparently, the H11 Max also has a dirt sensor, as we know it from the Dreame T30. It controls the suction power via this, while you have to set it manually in the H11. They also differ on the battery, with the H11 Max offering a maximum of 36 minutes of runtime and the H11 30 minutes. This should give you a suction area of 200 m² and 160 m², respectively.

Dreame H11 Max wipe battery vacuum display

On the display of the H11 Max we find the current charge level, suction mode and numerous error and status symbols. The battery-powered vacuum cleaner indicates when the waste water tank is full or if the automatic mode is active. The H11 Max also gives status messages verbally, so it tells you if the battery is running low or if it needs a self-cleaning. This self-cleaning is also exclusive to the H11 Max, which can use water to clean the soft roller on its standby basis.


Mopping cordless vacuums now seem like the next thing every manufacturer needs to have in their portfolio. In this regard, the Dreame models look quite exciting and there also seems to be different models for different budgets with the H11 and H11 Max. A release date is not yet known, but it cannot take much longer.

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