Dreame T30 cordless vacuum cleaner: the manufacturer’s top model for 309€ EU | $529.99

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The new Dreame T30 comes with more suction power and a lightweight carbon suction tube. It also detects the degree and type of dirt on the floor and automatically adjusts the suction power. Is the new model worth it?

Dreame T30 Battery Vacuum Accumulator

Technische Daten

Dreame T30

Dreame T30 Akkustaubsauger Produktbild weiss

Dreame T20

Dreame T20 Akkustaubsauger Produktbild

Suction power27.000 pa (190AW)25.000 pa (150 AW)
Wipe functionnoChina version only
Volume70, 75, 80 dB (with ascending suction stage)73, 79, 84 dB (with ascending suction stage)
Battery2900 mAh, interchangeable2700 mAh, interchangeable
Working time90 min. on lowest suction level, 7.5 min. on highest level70 min. on lowest suction level (but replaceable battery), 10 min. on highest level
Loading time4 h4 h
Suction levelsfour (incl. “Auto mode”)four (incl. “Auto mode”)
Dust chamber0,6 l0,6 l
Dimensionsnot specified126,5 x 25,5 cm
Weight1.7 kg as hand vacuum, 2.6 kg completely removed1.7 kg as hand-held vacuum cleaner, 2.7 kg completely disassembled
CE markingyesyes

Differences to the predecessor

As with the Dreame T20, the T30 takes its predecessor and builds on it technically. The cordless vacuum cleaner has the following innovations to offer:

  • smart detection of the degree of contamination
  • Carbon suction tube to reduce the weight
  • illuminated crevice nozzle
  • more suction power (25.000 pa -> 27.000 pa)

Scope of delivery

In the scope of delivery of the Dreame T30 we do not really expect surprises, included are:

  • main element with 0.6 l dust chamber & display
  • intelligent main floor nozzle with hard plastic roller
  • Carbon suction tube
  • charging and storage bracket for wall mounting
  • illuminated LED crevice nozzle
  • flexible adapter
  • 2-in-1 brush nozzle
  • soft dust brush
  • electric mini nozzle
  • extendable extension hose

Thus, the scope of delivery is very similar to the predecessor, except for the new suction tube and the illuminated LED crevice nozzle. A manual in good and understandable German is also in the box.

Design and workmanship

Externally, there is a risk of confusion between the Dreame T20 and T30. Like its predecessor, the new cordless vacuum cleaner is kept in different shades of gray, and no new experiments are dared with the shape either.

The intake manifold has changed not only in color, but also in material. Previously red and made of metal, the intake manifold is now made of carbon and has the typical carbon pattern. This is to reduce the weight while maintaining the robustness.

Also included is the replaceable battery, which you can simply remove from the vacuum cleaner after unlocking it with a button. In theory, you can use a second battery if your apartment is too big for the runtime or the battery has lost its capacity in the future.

As we are used to from Dreame, the quality of the cordless vacuum cleaner, as well as the attachments, is really good. They are sturdy and of high quality and withstand the challenges of everyday household use. To ensure that they can do their job for a long time, the attachments and filters can be cleaned individually; detailed instructions can be found in the manual.


On the upper side, which faces you while vacuuming, there is again a display. The current suction mode and battery status are displayed on it. In automatic mode, a curve of the degree of soiling is also displayed, which allows you to recognize the respective selected suction level in addition to the resulting background noise.

You can also leave the Dreame T30 in Auto mode without any problems.

You can switch through the different modes via the button on the bottom. The upper button is for locking the suction button. Thus, you do not have to hold it, but only press it again when you want to turn it off.

Pressing and holding the lower button opens the menu of the T30. Here you can select the language, but you can also view the cleaning history. Both options are not very interesting, since there is very little text and the history of when and for how long you have vacuumed will interest very few people.

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With the T30, Dreame can already build on a good base and improve it. We have a slightly higher suction power, which is only noticed to a limited extent, but generally increases the performance again on carpets. No matter where you go in the apartment, the Dreame T30 reliably cleans hard floors, despite the rather less suitable hard roller, and short-pile carpets are largely no problem either. Not quite optimal are the high-pile carpets, where the T30 still has partial problems.

An important issue is of course the hair, whether from animals or humans. Here, a kind of comb is installed on the floor nozzle, which is supposed to ensure less caught hair. This helps a bit, but even the Dreame T30 regularly needs scissors. No one has really come up with a solution for this problem yet.

Dreame T30 Battery Vacuum Handle

Also, the intelligent detection of the soil type has now been extended once again. In addition, there is the detection of the degree of dirt. This can be seen well in action when you drive over a larger pile of dirt and dust, where the battery vacuum increases the suction level almost without delay. Thus, you can simply put the Dreame T30 in automatic mode and guide it through the premises, because it reliably takes care of the suction power.

It sounds quite simple and almost unnecessary at first, but it really makes the cleaning process more convenient. This is especially practical when vacuuming under furniture where you do not have a good view. It is also interesting to see where the Dreame switches on more suction power and when it does not. There is no detailed view of what was sucked up, as with the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute, but that is really more a feature for curious noses.


Although you now have 100 g less weight to maneuver due to the carbon suction tube, the basic weight of the main element remains. At 1.76 kg, it’s not really heavy, but it’s not light as a feather either. Thanks to the flexible attachments, you have the right one for a variety of applications.

A hard-to-reach crevice next to the cabinet in the hallway? The illuminated crevice nozzle ensures a clear view and accessibility. Even the couch is getting a little dusty? The mini nozzle cleans couches and mattresses.

Once the cordless vacuum cleaner has done its work, it is time to empty it. Depending on your mood, you can take the whole main element or pull the dust chamber out of it. Then you can empty the dust chamber above the trash can via a button.

The cordless vacuum cleaner is charged directly via the charging cable, a small hollow plug that plugs into the back of the main element, or you can use the wall mount.

This must be screwed to the wall, for this there is also a drilling template made of paper in the scope of delivery, so that you know how to set the holes.

Alternatively, the stand from Geekbes should also be a suitable place, should you not want to drill into the wall.


With the Dreame T30, you take another step forward and improve your own cordless vacuum cleaner. It has been the case for a while now that the steps tend to be smaller, so owners of the direct predecessor might not necessarily have to reach for the new model.

In any case, the new detection of the degree of pollution is a convenient new feature, which allows you to simply leave the battery vacuum in automatic mode. The use of carbon, to reduce the weight, even if only minimally here, I think is clever and will certainly be found in other manufacturers soon. The suction power has also made progress, but we were already at a good level here before.

Together, the new features result in the new top model from Dreame. An intelligent adjustment of the suction power is really practical and makes house cleaning more convenient, but is of course also only a comfort offer from Dreame. The brand’s predecessor models already suck well, but the technology is even better here. A surcharge to the T20 is definitely justified, but those who can do without the innovations will still be very satisfied with the T20. However, those who like the intelligent detection, for example, will definitely not go wrong here.

  • Lots of suction power
  • Smart detection with intelligent automatic mode
  • crevice nozzle with illumination
  • Slight weight reduction due to carbon tube

  • Lower runtime in Turbo mode than predecessor

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