Dreame T30 cordless vacuum cleaner with intelligent dirt detection released

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It wasn’t that long ago that Dreame introduced the T20. Now they start with the Dreame T30, which not only has more suction power, but also an intelligent dirt detection. How much has changed compared to the predecessor?

Dreame T30 cordless vacuum cleaner Vacuuming the floor

  • Dreame T30 cordless vacuum cleaner
    • at AliExpress for 321,47€ (limited addition of the Dreame CC Mop when choosing the “color” T30 and Gift & Shipping from France)
    • only available in the EU for now

Technical data

Dreame T30

Dreame T30 battery vacuum cleaner product image white

Dreame T20

Dreame T20 cordless vacuum cleaner product image

Suction power27.000 pa (190AW)25.000 pa (150 AW)
Wiping functionnoonly in China version
Operating Volumeno information73, 79, 84 dB (with ascending suction level)
Battery2900 mAh, replaceable2700 mAh, replaceable
Working time90 min. on lowest suction level, 7.5 min.70 min. on lowest suction level (but replaceable battery), 10 min. on highest level
Charging time4 h4 h
Suction levelsFour (incl. “Auto mode”)Four (incl. “Auto mode”)
Dust chamber0.6 l0.6 l
Dimensionsnot specified126.5 x 25.5 cm
Weightno details1.7 kg as hand-held vacuum cleaner, 2.7 kg completely disassembled
CE-markingno informationyes

Construction based on the Dreame T20

One does not reinvent the complete cordless vacuum cleaner here, but supplements the existing Dreame T20 with useful features.

Dreame T30 cordless vacuum cleaner display
The display with error messages and other information is back!

What remains the same is the display with numerous information, the V-shaped rubber floor roller and also the button for continuous vacuuming above the display is again present. Likewise, the design is nothing we haven’t seen before in Dreame.

More suction power for stubborn dirt

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with more power. If the Dreame T20 still has 150 AW (25,000 pa) suction power, you increase this to 190 AW (27,000 pa) with the T30. If the T20 already copes well with hard floors and carpets, you can hopefully increase the performance by the increased power.

Use of carbon fiber & illuminated crevice nozzle

The attachments and tubes have also been slightly reworked. The main tube is now made of carbon fiber, which is known for its low weight without sacrificing strength. Thus, one would like to save weight, which is of course very welcome.

Dreame T30 cordless vacuum cleaner LED attachment

Dreame T30 cordless vacuum cleaner flexible attachment

Sadly, there is still no LED on the main brush, but the crevice nozzle is illuminated, which gives you a better view in dark corners. In addition, there is also an attachment that allows you to angle the vacuum tube, which makes it easier to get under tables or other pieces of furniture.

Smart detection of surface & dirt

The main innovation, however, is the expansion of the smart detection. While the T20 already had a surface detection feature that automatically increased the suction power on surfaces like carpet, it now also has a dirt detection feature.

Dreame T30 cordless vacuum cleaner
Just vacuum away, the cordless vacuum cleaner does the rest. At least in theory.

If the vacuum notices that there is a large amount of dust and dirt on the floor in front of it, the suction power is automatically increased. In combination, these automatic detections should allow you to stay in automatic mode permanently. This way, you should then no longer have to think about adjusting the suction power.

Slight improvement in runtime depending on modes

The vacuuming time is also said to have been improved depending on the selected mode. There are improvements of 20 and 8 minutes in low and medium modes, respectively.

Dreame T30 cordless vacuum cleaner apartment

If we look at the Turbo mode on the other hand, we see half a minute less here, which is probably due to the higher suction power. However, an accurate assessment of the runtime has to be done in practice.


The Dreame T30 is the next model in the ongoing improvement of Dreame vacuums. The automatic detection of dirt could turn out to be very pleasant in practice. Weight reduction through the use of carbon fiber is smart, and the two new attachments are a welcome innovation. In the meantime, a Dreame T20 Pro came out, which included two floor rollers and a mop attachment. We miss this flexibility here in the new model, will a Pro version probably follow?

Can the innovations of the Dreame T30 convince you?

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