Dreame V10 battery vacuum cleaner: New flagship from Xiaomi partner

Xiaomi’s subsidiaries Roidmi, Dreame and Jimmy are among the biggest competitors of the British top dog Dyson. The reason: The models offer good performance for comparatively little money. The workmanship and design are also competitive in most cases. Now Xiaomis subsidiary Dreame is launching its new top model: We’ll tell you what distinguishes the Dreame V10 from its predecessor.

Dreame V10 at AliExpress for $279.99

Dreame V10 at Geekbuying for $345.63

Technical data: Comparison to Dreame V9

Dreame V10

Dreame V10 Vacuum Cleaner Design

Dreame V9

Dreame V9P Battery Vacuum Cleaner

Suction power 22,000 pa 20,000 pa
Operating Volume n.a. 68 dB
Battery 2500 mAh 2500 mAh
Working time 60, 30, 10 minutes (depending on suction stage) 60, 30, 10 minutes (depending on suction stage)
Charging time 3.5 h 3-4 h
Dust chamber 0.5 l 0.5 l
Dimensions 60 x 23 x 22 cm 115.0 x 26.0 x 22.5 cm
Weight 1.5 kg 1.5 kg
CE mark n.a. no
Features three suction stages three suction stages

Innovations to the predecessor model

The table with the technical data leaves some questions unanswered: Has only the suction power really been increased from 20,000 to 22,000 pa? Is that all? Of course, the V9 was already a top device that deserved an upgrade, but Xiaomi is used to a little more innovation and inventiveness. It’s said that the performance has been improved by 25%, which means everything and nothing. The same applies to the new Space 3.0 turbo engine: a little bit of marketing language.

Dreame V10 Battery Vacuum Cleaner Wall Mount
The practical wall mount for direct charging is also included again.

At least, like its predecessor or the Roidmi F8, it reaches 100,000 rotations per minute, just under the latest Dyson model V11 Absolute (125,000 rotations). There are no volume specifications, but the V10 is supposed to be quieter than the V9 due to noise suppression. Before dust and dirt end up in the 0.5 l dust chamber, they pass through a five-stage filter, which is said to have been optimized compared to its predecessor. The V10 can also be easily repositioned as a hand vacuum cleaner.

Dreame V10 battery-powered vacuum cleaner Fields of application
The fields of application for battery-powered vacuum cleaners are manifold.

The choice of grey-white instead of white-red color is of course visible. This makes the V10 very similar to the cheaper Lite version of the V9, the Dreame V9P. In addition to the higher suction power, possibly better filtering and theoretically lower operating volume, the new release of the Dreame V10 does not necessarily make you want more. A simple upgrade of an existing model is quite justifiable, but the differences are not so immense that you should take more money into your hands.

Since the model has just come onto the market, the prices in the shops aren’t too attractive yet. During the black weekend the battery-powered vacuum cleaner will be much cheaper at AliExpress. This would almost put it on the same price level as its predecessor. We will keep you up to date and update the prices.

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