News Dreame V9 battery-powered vacuum cleaner with 20,000 pa suction power

One cannot tire of searching on Xiaomi’s sales platform Youpin. So you feel like you’re finding a new, exciting product every day. Today: A new, powerful battery-powered vacuum cleaner. This was again produced by a third party – and again by a different one than the Roidmi, Jimmy or Deerma known so far. Visually, the V9 from Dreame (based on “Dream”) is very close to the previous Xiaomi vacuum cleaners. You can read what you can expect from him here.

Dreame V9 cordless lightweight vacuum

Technical data: Comparison with the top models

Xiaomi and its third party suppliers have already produced a number of products that can suck – and have been able to convince us in the tests so far. With a suction power as high as that of the newly emerged Dreame, it measures up directly to the company’s own top models.

Dreame V9 Roidmi F8 Jimmy JV51
Suction power 20.000 pa 18.500 pa 17.000 pa
Volume unknown 75 dB (at highest suction level) 75 dB (at highest suction level)
Battery 2500 mAh 2500 mAh 2500 mAh
Working Time 60 Min. (je nach Saugstufe) 55 Min. 45 Min.
Charging Time unknown 2.5 h (other models: 5 h) 5 h
Dust Chamber 0.3 l 0.4 l 0.5 l
Dimensions unknown 119.1 x 25.9 x 15.8 cm 127 x 23 x 22 cm
Weight 1.5 kg 2.5 kg (as a handheld vacuum: 1,5 kg) 1.46 kg
CE certification no no no
Features two suction levels, UV light two suction levels, LED lighting, app integration two suction levels


Not all details are known yet, such as the operating volume. It could well be that the volume is similar to that of his colleagues (i.e. 75 dB) and that he wants to keep it to himself. 75 dB is a real house number, and you can make undisturbed calls or watch TV at the same time? No chance. The V9 reaches 100,000 revolutions per minute, a value similar to that of the Dyson V10 Absolute. This comes to 125,000 revolutions, costs up-to-date in addition, 580€ – and thus clearly more than the price, for which the Dreame was announced.


Dreame V9: Lots of technology for little money?

The fundraising possible on Xiaomi’s Youpin sales platform, a crowdfunding-based financing system for the battery-powered vacuum cleaner, was a complete success. Within a few hours, the financing target had already been reached. This is not unusual for Xiaomi products, but it also shows the strong interest in the battery-powered vacuum cleaner. With a suction power of 20,000 pa, it finally puts a value on the scoreboard that no vacuum cleaner from China has reached so far.

Dreame V9 vacuum design
Suction power of 20,000 pa, tried and tested design – not bad.

As usual from previous models, the Dreame V9 also has two suction stages, which also varies the working time. This is 60 minutes in energy-saving mode, 28 minutes in normal suction mode and 8 minutes at maximum suction power. For the 2500 mAh battery, a cooling system for the battery has been installed so that it doesn’t give up so quickly. At the time of charging there are still no exact details, this will probably be the long, but commercially available 5 hours.

Dreame V9 vacuum with attachment
The V9 can also be used as a hand-held vacuum cleaner.

The collected dirt and dust passes through up to five filters until it hits the HEPA filter. It can be washed out as usual. The only minus point that can be detected so far is the 0.3 l small dust chamber, which has to be emptied more often for more intensive cleaning. Fortunately, this works very easily and completely without direct contact with the contents of the chamber.

the dust chamber of the Dreame V9 vacuum
The 0.3 l small dust chamber can be emptied without direct contact with the contents.

Hand vacuum cleaner with UV light against mites

The latest trend among the new vacuum cleaners from China? Mite control. Since I would like to spare you a lecture about house dust mites, interested parties can inform themselves about this topic in the article about the Jimmy JV51 battery-powered vacuum cleaner. Only this much: Mites are mainly found in bed or in textiles and are not good for allergy sufferers. That’s why Dreame thought of it, as we include an attachment with UV light in the scope of delivery. UV light kills mites.

Dreame V9 vacuum vacuuming fabric
For the hand vacuum cleaner there is an extra attachment against mites in the scope of delivery.

With the weight of 1.5 kg, the vacuum cleaner is easy to handle for everyone, unfortunately there are no dimensions yet. There is also no information about a possible (although almost always unnecessary) app integration. However, we will definitely keep an eye on the suction cup and provide you with the missing information.


Unfortunately, there is nothing to read about practical LED lights like those of the Roidmi F8 so far, these would be the icing on the cake on a really interesting battery-powered vacuum cleaner. The Dreame V9 should cost 799 Yuan, only 116$ (!) and would be much cheaper than comparable models. However, it is quite possible that this is only the price for the crowdfunding supporters and that it costs a little more. A first offer can be found in a strange China shop (better not to order), the 197$ demanded there could also correspond to the later price in the other shops. But with that the V9 would still be very cheap.

Surely one or the other of the many developments of the Chinese tech giants is slowly annoyed. At least you can see some steps forward, especially in the suction power. Personally, I find the battery-powered vacuum cleaner very interesting, but how do you see it?

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