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Whether you‘re looking for a fun mini copter for only a hand full of dollars or a high tech video drone for spectacular aerial movie shots – here it‘s all about drones and the joy of flying.
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You've probably heard of them before. Whether through your friends cool but sometimes seemingly weird hobbies or cause you've heard about one crashing or simply because you can't wait for Amazons Prime Air: Drones.

As the models become more and more modern and advanced, more affordable models - some of the best come from China, by the way - are being brought onto the market. With the current popularity they're gaining and the continuous enhancements, it is likely that they will be an integral part of our everyday lives in the near future - just imagine the possibilities. In addition to breathtaking photography and great videos, you could someday get your packages via literal airmail, and even your food could be delivered through them.

Do you want to start with the exciting hobby of drone flying? But still got some unanswered questions; like what drone to buy and where to buy from? You're asking yourself; what's the distinction between drones and quadcopters? And what on earth is a quadrotor? Which model could carry a GoPro - and do some even come pre-equipped with a camera? The world of drones is huge - as are the differences in sizes, battery life, duration of flight and equipment. We're here to help and inform you.

If you have similar or even different questions, you've come to the right place: In our guides and reviews, we'll explain to you what drones are, where and how they can be used and how you can get started.