Dusty Brush: attachment for vacuum cleaner for $1.96

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A gadget from the category: Small, practical, inexpensive. The “Dusty Brush” is an attachment for vacuum cleaners, with which one should be able to remove dirt from difficult places particularly well by the brush-like form. Ingenious invention or just a nice idea?

dusty brush

Dusty Brush: The solution for hard-to-reach corners?

The above linked video shows the function of the attachment very well. The “Dusty Brush” is used when the normal intake pipe is overstrained: The computer housing, the toolbox, the keyboard or the ventilation system in the car are possible areas of application. 36 brush-shaped suction hoses with an inner diameter of 35 mm ensure that only dust and dirt are sucked in, but not the screws in the tool box.

Dusty Brush attachment Suction power
The 36 brush-shaped suction hoses only allow small particles through.

The cleaning brush is 35 cm long, 17 cm of which are an attachment and 18 cm suction hoses. A universal adapter is included so that the attachment can be used for all vacuum cleaners. Ideally, the attachment should be connected to a smaller hand-held vacuum cleaner or similarly light vacuum cleaner, so that the vacuum cleaner can also be taken into the car.

Dusty Brush attachment Use
The attachment fits all vacuum cleaner tubes through a universal adapter.

Good invention or just a nice idea?

The Dibea battery vacuum cleaners come with an additional attachment for corners that are difficult to vacuum. Roidmi has also included a corresponding attachment in the scope of delivery for the F8. With the “Dusty Brush” you have it for every vacuum cleaner – and for less than $2. If the attachment works as well as it does in the video, this is definitely a very good invention.

Not only everyone can afford it, but everyone can also use it. Here I also have personal access, just to fly over the computer keyboard from time to time or to be able to clean the car without much effort. Which one of you can use the attachment?

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