Transport bags for e-scooters – goodbye to transport problems?

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You usually can’t carry much luggage on an e-scooter. Unlike the bicycle, the scooter lacks a luggage rack or similar. The remedy comes in the form of such e-scooter bags, which are designed specifically for the handlebars of the scooters.

E Scooter bag open

If you really only want to take a little something, but do not want to carry an extra backpack for it, you are mostly out of luck on the E-Scooter. However, just like for bikes, special bags have long been available. And the prices are low enough to be interesting.

The principle is simple. The bag is attached to the bar at the front with two loops, and to the handlebars with two more, so that it does not slip. Many bags can be attached both in front of the handlebars and behind them, facing the driver. This may make more sense so that the bag – depending on the scooter model – does not hang in front of the front light.

E Scooter bag features
This bag is available for little money at AliExpress. Amazon also sells similar looking models.

There are too many different bags to show them all here. Often, several dealers also sell the same model, whether on Amazon or AliExpress. Differences are in the size; the volume is usually given as 2-5 liters. Many, but not all bags are made of plastic and waterproof.

Probably only owners of their own scooter can use such a bag. To carry an extra bag for a rental scooter – I would rather take a backpack or a shoulder bag. It would make sense to have a charging cable for the scooter if you know that you will probably run the battery down.

If you are interested, just look around for a suitable bag. The stores offer a very large selection, so if you can use this bag, you will definitely find one.

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