Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 (O900) vacuum robot for $204.45

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Anyone who deals with the subject of household robotics will inevitably stumble over the Chinese manufacturer Ecovacs sooner or later. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of household robots. With the Ozmo 900, Ecovacs has added another high-end model to its range after the 930, offering the latest top features.

Ecovacs DEEBOT Ozmo 900 vacuum robot Performance

The Ozmo 900 is also available as a pure vacuum robot without a wiping function, but will then be called the “D900” and is currently only a few dollars cheaper.

Technical data: Comparison to Ozmo 930

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 vacuum robot

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 vacuum robot

Suction power1200 pa1200 pa
NavigationLaser Space Measurement with Smart Navi 3.0 TechnologyLaser Space Measurement with Smart Navi 3.0 Technology
AppEcovacs Home (Android, iOS)Ecovacs (Android, iOS)
Noise level60 dB65 dB
Battery3000 mAh3200 mAh
Working time110 Min.120 Min.
Charging time4 h4 h
Dust chamber0.4 l0.47 l
Water tank0.2 l0.3 l
Obstacle overcomingup to 1.8 cmup to 2 cm
Dimensions35,4 x 35,4 x 9,5 cm35,4 x 35,4 x 10,2 cm
Weight3,5 kg3,9 kg
CE mark/ warrantyyes/ 2 yearsyes/ 2 years
Features?️ Mapping
?️ Room arrangement
⛔ No-Go Zones and Zoned Cleanup
? App control
? Wipe function
? Voice control via Amazon Alexa
? Carpet recognition
?️ Mapping
?️ Room arrangement
⛔ No-Go Zones and Zoned Cleanup
? App control
? Wipe function
? Voice control via Amazon Alexa
? Carpet recognition

The Ozmo 930 is still in our Top 5 of the best vacuum robots, despite the hardly noticeable differences in the technical data here, the O900 is the newer model of both. Due to the similarity between the two models, the O900 is somewhat considered to be a slightly different imitator of the 930. Although it was announced as an “upgrade of the 930”. We’ll see if the reasoning is justified.

Packaging and scope of delivery

In my opinion, there is no better manufacturer of packaging than Ecovacs. This is really a second to third criterion, but you want to be happy about everything you can find when you unpack it. The vacuum robot is packed safely and space-saving, and the other contents of the package are placed harmoniously.

Included in delivery:

  • Charging station with charging cable
  • Attachment for direct suction (good for animal hair)
  • Filter sponge and HEPA filter
  • four brush heads (2 as replacement)
  • 0,45 l water tank
  • two microfibre cloths
  • small cleaning tool
  • Operating instructions in several languages
Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 vacuum robot Scope of delivery
The scope of delivery of the Ozmo 900.

Ecovacs itself makes the following statements regarding the wear of the individual parts on the website: “We recommend changing the main brush once, the side brushes twice and the filters three times a year. Fortunately, there are some accessories and spare parts that can be ordered via Amazon or directly from Ecovacs. This is an advantage of internationally operating manufacturers in addition to the guarantee and the CE mark.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 Vacuum robot Direct suction Attachment
Practical: An attachment for direct suction is included in the scope of delivery, this is suitable for animal hair.

Design and workmanship

But Ecovacs was thinking in terms of design: Never change a running system. The LDS (laser distance sensor), which we also know from the Xiaomi models, is again on the top. Although this type of navigation is laudable and currently the ultimate in suction robots, it does have the difficulty that the robot reaches a height of 9.5 cm. Before buying various pieces of furniture (sofa, chest of drawers, etc.), you should check whether the robot fits underneath (if it is to fit underneath) or raise the height of the furniture a bit.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 vacuum robot Height
With a height of 9.5 cm, the robot fits under most pieces of furniture.

As you would expect from Ecovacs, the processing of the vacuum robot is very positive. Nothing jerks where it shouldn’t, no processing errors can be detected. It’s just my personal impression, but I like the Ozmo 930 a bit better. Not so much because of the model itself, but more because of the choice of colour. Under the flap on the upper side is the on/off switch, a reset button and the dust chamber.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 vacuum robot flap
Under the flap are the dust chamber and various switches.

A noticeable change I wouldn’t have been aware of before: The Ozmo 900 doesn’t have a carrying handle like its predecessor, so it’s not so easy to carry the robot from A to B. The Ozmo 900’s handle is not as easy to carry as its predecessor. Since I’ve had to carry dozens of robots around (and never thought about handles), this is a negligible factor. The weight of 3.5 kg is also rather irrelevant, but every now and then you lift the robot again.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 vacuum robot carrying handle
The O930 had a carrying handle with it.

Operation and navigation

I must honestly say: I don’t want to test vacuum robots without intelligent navigation, i.e. with the chaos principle, any more in the future. The difference to other types of navigation has now become too great. With the help of the laser distance sensor, the O900 scans the premises and thus provides the most reliable navigation method available today.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 vacuum robot LDS
The O900 uses the laser distance sensor to scan the premises.

Inside the robot works a SLAM algorithm (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), which allows the creation of a visual map. The collision sensors prevent frontal collisions and falls from heights, such as stair treads. Ecovacs itself calls the software package Smart Navi 3.0 technology.

Ecovacs DEEBOT Ozmo 900 vacuum robot Obstacle detection Chairs
The obstacle detection is exemplary.
Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 vacuum robot sensors
The Ozmo 900 comes with a variety of sensors.

A V-shaped main brush rotates on the underside of the Deebot during cleaning. In front on the underside there are two rotating brush heads that push the dirt and dust in front towards the main brush, which is located above the intake hood.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 vacuum robot bottom side
The underside of the robot.

The O900 first works its way through the outer walls (or furniture in front of them) before moving on to cleaning in straight lanes. This is where the strong obstacle detection becomes noticeable. The Deebot drives up to a few centimetres in front of the obstacle with its quite high working speed, brakes and drives down to a few millimetres in front of the object to be cleaned. Very impressive, that’s how I last saw the Mi Robot 1S. Short visualization video:

Of course, the usual vacuum robot functions are also included: Autonomous retrieval of the charging station, voice messages on its condition (or procedure), step/staircase recognition and a fine dust filter system. Ecovacs holds more than 1,000 patents, 66 of them at international level.

The charging station

The autonomous retrieval of the charging station is not even a slight challenge for the O900 due to its laser space measurement. However, this is no longer a quality feature, but a basic requirement for robots above $300. After a working time of 110 minutes, the Deebot has to return to the charging station for less than 4 hours. Due to its quite high working speed, the working time is also sufficient for apartments above 120 m². Of course, it also depends on the conditions in the four walls how fast he can move there.

Ecovacs DEEBOT Ozmo 900 vacuum robot at loading station
After a loading time of 4 hours, the vacuum robot is ready for operation for a working time of 110 minutes.

Ecovacs with its top models is in the same price range as the flagships of Roborock and ILIFE, but is cheaper than iRobot or Vorwerk. With Ecovacs, you can be sure that attention to detail will be paid. The charging cable can be rolled up on the back of the charging station to prevent it from getting in the way. This means that the robot does not drive over it, nor does it serve as a trip hazard for humans. Ecovacs is already working on a technology that will enable robots to recognize cables and socks in the future.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 vacuum robot charging station cable
The charging cable can be rolled up on the rear side and does not get in the way.

With the OTA technology (“Over-the-Air”) the DEEBOT has a simple update procedure. Firmware updates and thus new functions are loaded onto the robot via WLAN. To do this, the O900 must be located at the charging station so that the battery performance does not diminish during the download.

Performance without App: doorsills and carpets

Not everyone wants to use the app, even if this step gives you significantly fewer possibilities and functions. One reason might be that you don’t want the apartment area to be measured. The O900 is definitely designed for use via app, but the robot can also be started manually via the control element on the top.

You don’t have to worry about door thresholds or carpet edges below the 1.5 cm, it overcomes them. The shape of the obstacle is decisive.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 vacuum robot door thresholds
Door thresholds above 1.5 cm must be rounded so that the O900 can overcome them.

On carpets, the vacuum robot increases the suction power because it recognizes it under itself. This allows it to extract a lot from thicker carpets, but not everything. Here, for example, you have to help out with a battery-powered vacuum cleaner or knock out the carpet. The operating volume of 60 dB is completely justifiable and corresponds to the volume at which we humans talk to each other.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 vacuum robot carpet edge
On carpets, the vacuum robot automatically increases the suction power.

In spite of two vacuum robots working regularly in my household, I am still surprised how much dirt and dust can be found in the dust chamber. You can only praise the Ozmo 900, the cleaning results are impressive. Due to the good navigation and obstacle detection, it reaches almost all areas and corners. Only the suction power could be higher, but you can’t have everything (yet). But Ecovacs is on a very good way.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 vacuum robot dust chamber
Dust chamber before duty, dust chamber after duty.

As already mentioned, control via the app is much more sensible than using it without. So let’s get to the app.

Ecovacs Home App: Control and Functions

The Deebot Ozmo 900 will be controlled by the new Ecovacs app, which will be used to operate all new flagship models in the future: Ecovacs Home. After the download of the app, the usual registration comes via e-mail address. Of course, the robot can also work without app integration, but must then be started and stopped via the control element on the top.

Ecovacs Home App Deebot Ozmo 900 Vacuum Robot
The Ecovacs Home App is the new home for the top Ecovacs models.

As always, we would like to point out that almost all models so far cannot be connected to a 5 GHz network, but only to a 2.4 GHz network. Nowadays, most WLAN modems transmit both frequencies, so you don’t have to adjust anything accordingly. If it still doesn’t work, a short search engine query will help.

To connect the robot to the WLAN, you can scan the QR code on the robot as well as perform the following steps:

  1. “Deebot Ozmo 900” in the app.
  2. Select WLAN and enter password.
  3. Lift the flap of the vacuum robot and switch on the robot at the slide switch.
  4. Press the reset button for one second until a beep sounds.
Ecovacs Home App Deebot Ozmo 900 Vacuum Robot Connection Network WLAN
The integration of the robot is fast and simple.

After two to three minutes and a few clicks within the app we are ready to go. The vacuum robot is displayed as “Online” or “Offline” in the app’s home interface. Its owner can expect a lot of settings.

Ecovacs Home App Deebot Ozmo 900 Vacuum robot Connection WLAN
After successful integration, a number of functions can be selected.

Settings within the App

The following settings should be made or at least reconsidered before commissioning the vacuum robot:

  • Set Continued Cleaning (if battery power decreases, the robot will return to the charging station and continue cleaning from there).
  • Set suction power to maximum (at the expense of battery power).
  • Set the water flow rate (experiment a little before using the wipe function).
  • Set Auto Suction Gain (carpet detection, increases suction on carpets).
  • Schedule working times (on which day of the week and at what time the robot should work).
  • Set language (if you want, the default language of the O900 is English).

In carpet detection, it is important not to let the robot start from a carpet so that it recognizes the difference to other surfaces.

Ecovacs Home App Deebot Ozmo 900 Vacuum Robot Settings
On the left a safety advice, in the middle the many settings, on the right condition of the individual parts.

Personally, I find the notifications that the robot can send to the app praiseworthy. So you always know what’s bothering the robot and you can intervene manually. Of course you also get the messages when you’re on the road. “The DEEBOT is not on the floor” (when I lifted it) or “The main brush is blocked” could be that.

Disadvantage: The messages cannot be ignored depending upon degree of the problem. This makes some sense – for example when the main brush is blocked – but it can also interfere when you are on the road and cannot let the robot continue working.

Ecovacs Home App Deebot Ozmo 900 Vacuum Robot other Settings
Different options in the settings.

There’s nothing wrong with the app, only the remote control is missing. If you want to let the robot quickly vacuum at a certain place, you also like to use the remote control. Scheduling the working hours is a matter of seconds and works error-free.

The still relatively new app has some small problems now and then and is unexpectedly terminated in between. But the robot does not lose its position or anything like it. This will certainly be fixed shortly via update.

Mapping of the Deebot Ozmo 900

The live mapping is not quite as accurate or detailed as the Mi Robot 1S or 360 S5, but still very precise and unambiguous. You have a good overview on the map. The Ozmo 900 is a bit different than the Roborock S6: The S6 divides each room into quadrants (so to speak squares) and drives them one after the other. The O900 scans a complete room and then travels through it in one go; or in straight paths.

Ecovacs Home App Deebot Ozmo 900 Vacuum Robot Start Mapping
The Ozmo 900 first drives the outer area, then the inner area in straight tracks.

Despite dozens of vacuum robots we have tested, it is still fascinating to watch the robot from the office and the university on its rounds on the smartphone. According to this, a vacuum robot is also very well suited to tease roommates. Anyone who had this function once would not want to do without it any more.

Small scenario: The colleagues decide at short notice to stop by your house for a cold drink in the evening. Smartphone out, two clicks and the vacuum robot ensures that the guests don’t find a complete mess.

Ecovacs DEEBOT Ozmo 900 Vacuum Robot App Mapping Home
Mapping to another test area.

After cleaning, it returns straight to the charging station. Provided it has started from there, otherwise it will take much longer to find it. To create a complete map, you should not interrupt the robot during the ( first ) ride, but simply let it run. The map is updated by the robot when the environment changes (moving a piece of furniture, etc.).

No-Go zones and virtual walls

Once you have had the vacuum robot create a complete map of the premises (abortion leads to the map not being saved), you can draw no-go and go-to zones on it. The No-Go zones can be used to mark out areas that the robot should not travel. This worked perfectly in the test.

Ecovac's DEEBOT Ozmo 900 vacuum robot App Mapping virtual walls
No-Go zones, virtual walls and Go-To zones can be easily drawn on the map.

In addition, the rooms are divided into different areas, which can also be cleaned individually. We know this from the Roborock S6.

The wiping function

Normally, a vacuum robot pulls a cloth behind it, on which water drips from a water tank. This makes only limited sense, as it does not completely replace manual wiping. The Ozmo 900 has some adjustment options ahead of these vacuum robots: The amount of water that lands on the microfiber cloth can be adjusted in the app. You can choose between low, medium and high water flow rates under the menu item “Water flow rate”.

In addition, the microfibre cloth has a special coating, which means that it does not get dirty as quickly as ordinary cloths. The preparation of the wiping function in a sequence of pictures:

Ecovacs DEEBOT Ozmo 900 Vacuum robot Water tank Removal
1. remove the water tank.
Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 vacuum robot Fill water tank
2. fill the water tank with water.
Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 vacuum robot underside wiping function
3. attach the wiper attachment with microfibre cloth to the underside.
Ecovacs DEEBOT Ozmo 900 vacuum robot wiping function water tank
4. replace the water tank on the underside. Ready to go.

What has become of the function that the robot automatically recognizes and avoids carpets when using the wiping function? This could be fixed with a firmware update and was originally intended for the Ozmo 900. The wipe function is better than many models, but does not completely replace manual wiping because the robot cannot exert enough pressure on the floor.

Conclusion: Buy Deebot Ozmo 900?

The Ozmo 900 is an all-round carefree package that I see especially in family households: You know where the robot is all the time, you are informed about every detail by app and voice and you can let the robot drive without supervision. A very mature model.

The only thing that really speaks against the O900 is its comparatively low suction power. The only factor the Ozmo 900 lacks among the top Roborock models. The difference to the Ozmo 930 is in practice more difficult than on the data sheet, I would simply pick the cheaper model.

Even more exciting is the Ozmo 960, which was announced at the beginning of the year at the CES (International Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas.

  • very high-quality workmanship and modern design
  • App Functions
  • Navigation and working
  • reports via voice and app notifications


  • Suction power could be higher


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